The law

Americans throughout history have had a love/hate relationship with the law. If we see the law protecting us individually or providing some advantage, particularly economically, we tend to love it. If, however, we feel improperly restricted or even victimized by the law, then our respect for the law falls by the wayside.

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Holey smokes. What was the purpose of this explanation of laws? I guess your readers have no clue about law and order and how it works? All I know is the three groups of people Jesus had little tolerance for were false preachers, tax collectors, and lawyers (scribes).


Hey Ricky you do realize that all the problems could be avoided by the very simplest action "Comply Don't Die". It also is one group of people with all the problems, has that every crossed your mind? Another fact is all the so called victims you leftist make heroes out of have a rap sheet as long as your arm. If the blind could only see...

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