As police across the country try to quell unrest from claims of police brutality, a video of an arrest made by Baytown police about 6:45 p.m. Tuesday made the rounds on social media, along with allegations of excessive force being used by one of the department’s officers.

The incident started with an officer stopping a vehicle driven by 23-year-old Jostin Moore of Baytown at a store in the 2900 block of Market Street. Baytown police spokesman Lt. Steve Dorris said Moore was later arrested for traffic violations and an outstanding warrant out of Deer Park.

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Granny Jedi

According to the police press release it was 1. disorderly conduct 2. Pergery/tampering.

Anyone who watches the video sees one short cop running the show with his gold badge supervisor watching, even nodding to the onlookers.

It is as if Ofc. Nathaniel Brown literally went off on every guy there. He has a reputation that looks poorly on Baytown and since he's had multiple complaints for harassment and excessive force, he should be released with prejudice. (In my opinion. )


I didn't see the video. I certainly would not agree with that type of behavior. If that's what actually happened, then I tottly agree he should be released and charged with harassment. I just think we are going through so much now that it's so sad that we must endure such behavior from anyone including BPD. We all deserve a little Peace & Love.


It appears some of these young people are trying to provoke our men and women on the front lines. I wasn't there so not sure if the officer was wrong or right, but I feel we're taking this craziness just a little too far. Every time they get out of their vechicles they are putting their lives in danger, so maybe it's time to cut them some slack. If someone is doing something that's not right they always get what they deserve. How come you don't ever hear about the good things they do? I witnessed three BPD officers pull someone over the other night and I was impressed with the way they handled themselves. Actually I thought the person should have been arrested because when he pulled away he ran his car into something. I thought it was kinda sweet and funny because it was private property but one of the officer actually went over and tried to fix the item that was hit, in my eyes that was an act of kindness. I think we all need to come together in times like this not create more drama. Those that are doing wrong regardless of who they are officer's or members of our community will eventually be held accountable.


It doesn’t matter if he was provoked and it doesn’t matter that he has a hard job. Police officers are suppose to follow the law and act with integrity. Police are suppose to be better than this. There’s no excuse for police brutality and misconduct like this. It’s scary that an unhinged officer who can not control himself from beating up civilians is still allowed to be on Baytown Police. It’s disgraceful. Nathan Brown is not fit to wear a badge, he has no problem breaking the law and making up false charges.


Report says “ .... pushes him to the ground and puts his knee on Gilmores back”

Watch the video. With the kid on the ground the cop gives him a hard knee to the face.

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