It is looking more and more as though the scientist, health professionals (WHO/CDC) and of course the ever-knowing media and civic leaders, let's just call them "experts", may have misled us about Covid. You remember COVID, the virus that cured the flu and about every other respiratory ailment for two years. Well, it is looking more and more they (the experts) knew better. They said, "Get the shots and you won't get the virus.” Not true. They said, "Get the shot and you won't spread covid.” Not true. So, the "experts" dreamed up the unprovable and said, “Get the shot and covid won't be as bad.” What is even worse, these "experts" did everything they could to keep us from medicine that would help fight covid. That is off the chart wrong and criminal. How many people would have been saved had these "experts" been honest? Doctors were threatened with loss of their livelihood if they prescribed these medicines. The so-called "experts", refer to the list above, should be held accountable.


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