The last few weeks have been a stressful and uncertain time for Baytown, but this City is no stranger to challenges.  We are a community that has endured hardship many times in history, and we have come back stronger each and every time.  We are optimistic that Baytown will remain strong after this health crisis, and the connected economic challenge which faces us now as a community.  Please remember that the act of staying home is making a significant impact in the fight against this dangerous virus.

We are so proud of all the residents in Baytown who have complied with, and supported the mandates from Harris and Chambers Counties.  It is not easy to alter your daily routine, work from home, and take care of kids, while not having all the services to which you are accustomed.  Thank you for quickly adapting and enduring.

Also in our minds are those of you who may have lost income during this period.  Many of you have been sent home without pay, or you may have suffered a loss of business after the closure of non-essential businesses.  We have not forgotten you, and continue to provide the information you may need to help navigate these challenges.

Medical personnel and first responders are the heroes of this crisis, as they so often are.  They continue to work, putting themselves at risk for our sake.  The paramedics, firefighters, and police officers who continue to keep our City safe are doing so despite the current risks.  We are so thankful to them.  We must also remember our partners at the hospitals and urgent care facilities who continue to provide medical care to those affected by COVID-19, as well as others who still need medical care.

Through these difficult times, we ask that you continue to endure the challenges we face, knowing that we will emerge stronger as a community once again.  Continue complying with County mandates, and watch for updates as the current situation continues to unfold.  Thank you so much for your patience and compliance.  We stand with you in these hard times, and look forward to our speedy recovery together as a community.  Baytown Strong!


Brandon Capetillo is the mayor of Baytown and Rick Davis is the city manager of Baytown.

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