I would like to compliment Mr. Alan Dale pertaining to the article he recently wrote – Remembering 9/11 attacks - that ran in The Baytown Sun on Thursday, Sept. 9. This was indeed one of his finest non-sports related articles that I have read since he become the sports editor for The Baytown Sun. 

I am someone who definitely remembers exactly where I was when the two planes crashed into the Twin Towers in New York City. I personally knew exactly what towers they were talking about, because I had previously taken a tour in New York to see Grand Central Station, Madison Square Garden, Empire State Building, Wall Street, Twin Towers and other places of interest in New York. 

My youngest son, Christian Evan Brown-Singleton had spent the summer with me in Baytown. I had just taken him back to Roselle, New Jersey prior to the 9/11 tragedy, prior to the opening of his school. I was scheduled to return to Houston on 9/11/2001, the same day of the tragedy, and would be departing from the Newark Liberty International Airport, however my son Christian begged me to stay a few days longer so that I could take him to school, so he could introduce his father to his teachers and friends. I decided to stay and even had contemplated flying to Los Angeles to visit a friend for a few days before returning to Houston. As I returned to the car, my son’s mother told me that a plane had just hit one of the Twin Towers. We were in Roselle, New Jersey at the time, a borough located in Union County in the State of New Jersey which is not very far from New York City. Only the Hudson River separates New York State from New Jersey. 

Since I was using a Southwest Airline Buddy Pass, it was better than two weeks before I could return to Houston. That was simply fine with my son Christian, and believe me, he had many question for me to answer pertaining to the 9/11 tragedy, who did this and why would someone do something like that. More than anything he made me get up early every morning to take him to school until I was able to catch a return flight to Houston. 

J. Warren Singleton


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