2035. Could it happen? The liberal politicians, the greenies, the environmentalists have shut down all electrical generation except wind and solar. The USA is blanketed in a deep snow with no wind and complete overcast for 3 days. No wind or solar power can be generated. Many could freeze in the dark.  Eat cold canned food if it is not frozen in the can.  Food in refrigeration spoils. Electric powered vehicles run out of power. Ambulances limited.  Fire trucks have limited power. Do hospitals burn fossil fuels to generate their own electricity?? You get it. 

Batteries you say? Watch this short video that talks about why we can never build enough batteries.  https://www.prageru.com/video/whats-wrong-with-wind-and-solar/. We need politicians that develop a reasonable long range plan for efficiently using all our energy sources.  Emotion will not cut it.  Think about it Baytown.


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Amen Tucker, Amen....

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