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Anger over the state’s power grid failing in the face of a record winter freeze continued to mount Wednesday as millions of residents remained shivering with no assurances that their electricity and heat — out since Monday in many homes — would return soon or stay on once it finally does.

We are all angry, and have every right to be. 

Most all of us have spent too many hours without power in the coldest temperatures in decades. Your frustration, and disbelief that leadership in charge of our power grid has failed us so badly is rightly justified. It is impossible to excuse the needless suffering millions of people across the state continue to endure. 

The state, county and local officials must investigate every aspect of the public and private sector connected to the electric market. We need answers, accountability and corrective action in order to put an end to these avoidable catastrophes.

Same goes the extended loss of water in Baytown and in surrounding communities. What can be done better to not let this happen, again? Was there a back-up plan?

In all, nearly 3 million customers in Texas still had no power Wednesday after historic snowfall and single-digit temperatures created a surge in demand for electricity to warm up homes unaccustomed to such extreme lows, buckling the state’s power grid and causing widespread blackouts. 

Gov. Greg Abbott has called for an investigation of the grid manager, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas. Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan announced the House Committees on State Affairs and Energy Resources will hold a joint hearing next week to review the events currently taking place, as well as the decisions that have led us to this moment. 

It is a good first step toward determining what happened and how we can improve and prepare our power grid and to protect the 



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