Texas passes 10,000 confirmed new virus cases in single day

Texas surpassed 10,000 new coronavirus cases in a single day Tuesday, making it just the third state to hit that undesirable milestone. New York and Florida are the other two.The record high of 10,028 new cases in Texas served as another alarming new measure of the swift resurgence of COVID-19 nationwide and the failures of the country’s response. Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas aggressively began one of America’s fastest reopenings in May but has begun reversing course in recent weeks, ordering bars closed and mandating face coverings.

New York and Florida are the only other states to record more than 10,000 new cases in a single day. New York hit that grim total back in April, when New York City hospitals were overwhelmed and hundreds of people were dying every day. Florida topped 10,000 confirmed cases last week.

The record mark in Texas partly reflects a lag in testing results from the Fourth of July weekend, when newly reported cases were far below what Texas has seen in recent weeks. But Abbott said the numbers should still be “an alarm bell for everybody” who is skeptical about whether the virus is a threat.

Texas surged past 8,000 statewide hospitalizations for the first time over the long holiday weekend — a more than quadruple increase on the past month. On Tuesday, the number of hospitalizations soared past 9,000. Texas also set a new high for deaths in a single day with 60.

Deaths remain lower in Texas compared to other big states. As of Tuesday, Texas has confirmed that at least 2,715 people have died due to COVID-19. But fatalities have climbed in recent days, and in addition to an alarming acceleration in new cases in Texas, the seven-day infection rate has climbed to 13.5%.

Organizers of the State Fair of Texas announced Tuesday that the annual event is cancelled this year, the first time that has happened since World War II.

Case count

Harris County Public Health reports 39,311 confirmed COVID-19 cases through Tuesday, up from 37,776 through Monday. There have been 407 deaths through Tuesday, up from 401 through Monday.

The Baytown case reports on the Harris County dashboard showed a decrease in the cumulative number of cases over the past week. The department did not respond to a request for an explanation, but Tuesday’s report is back in line with the previous trend.

The Harris County portion of Baytown has had 377 cases through Tuesday. There have been nine deaths.

The Highlands-area ZIP code, 77562, has had 31 confirmed cases through Tuesday, the same as Monday. There has been one death.

The Crosby-area ZIP code, 77532, has had 95 confirmed cases through Tuesday, up from 93 through Monday. There has been one death.

Chambers County has reported 454 confirmed cases through Tuesday, an increase of more than 100 from last Friday’s report of 352. There have been two deaths and four people are hospitalized.

Statewide the Texas Department of State Health Services has reported 210,585 cases through Tuesday, up from 200,557 on Monday. There have been 2,715 deaths through Tuesday, up from 2,655 through Monday.

The Associated Press contributed to this article.

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How can it be stated the it surpass a single day record when the same article states there was a lag in reporting due to the holiday weekend. What is the true daily number? Seems more fear grabbing headlines.

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