A man was found dead at his recently purchased Chambers County home in what appears to be a murder. 

Chambers County Sheriff Brian Hawthorne said the Jefferson County Medical Examiner’s Office confirmed 50-year-old Scott R. Privat was killed in a homicide. 

“He was killed by a gunshot wound,” Hawthorne said. 

 A call came into the sheriff’s office at 8:05 p.m. Thursday from a caretaker hired by Privat to perform chores around the home, located in the 10000 block of FM 562 in the Double Bayou area. The caretaker had arrived for work that morning and found Privat dead when he sought him to find out what his chores were for the day.  

Hawthorne said Privat had recently moved to Chambers County from Seabrook. 

“He was a well-known and well-liked successful businessman on the east side of Houston,” Hawthorne said. “He recently moved to our county, bought the house in the Double Bayou area in October. He still owned his other house in Seabrook and  was just getting ready to put it on the market.”

Hawthorne said they are in the early stages of the investigation, and they are looking at various suspects. 

“But, it appears he was ambushed,” he said. 

The sheriff’s office is currently working with the medical examiner’s office to determine what type of gun was used in Privat’s murder. 

“This is a very intricate case with a lot of moving parts,” Hawthorne said.  

Hawthorne said the COVID-19 crisis is causing some nuisances in the investigation, but they are forging ahead. 

“We are trying to not change the way we perform the investigation, but the COVID-19 issues are changing the way we are doing things,” he said. “The sheriff’s office itself is under an emergency declaration. That is causing some issues, but we are trying to make sure we are focused on the homicide. I have a team of men working on it, about a half a dozen deputies.” 

If you have any information regarding this case, call 409-267-2500 or Crimestoppers at 844-860-8477.


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