A march is planned for noon today which, according to organizers, is to protest the actions of Officer Nathaniel Brown, who was reportedly involved in the arrest Tuesday that led to a viral video, and Officer Juan Delacruz, the officer police say fatally shot Pamela Turner one year ago.

The march is planned to start at noon at the Food Town at the intersection of North Main Street and West Rollingbrook Street and proceed to the police station at 3200 North Main Street according to a post by Willie Narcisse. The march is listed as lasting until 3 p.m. 

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This is not a good idea. Even though they may say it will be peaceful protest, there’s that risk of things getting out of control. Why bring this into our town?... Why put people on edge?.. not a good idea.


Why not?


It’s not a good idea because of what we are seeing through out the country. I’m talking about the violence that is stirred up when the protesters seem not to get what they want. They become agitated and angry. The result of that is that “one” protester feels the need to throw, break, push, assault, etc.. to get his point across, and that’s when things get nasty...

I was glad that the protest went well for the most part yesterday, but I still feel that the risk/tension was there for things to get out of hand and I, as a Baytown citizen for the last 13 yrs don’t want that craziness in our town..

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