If you garden, you have both an optimistic and pessimistic outlook. With the freeze we just had, pessimists will moan about the mess and the losses of beloved plants. I suggest you go for optimism: after you have cleaned out the nasty dead stuff, you can take a hard look at everything left, and like the jingle above, you get to buy more plants! 

With that thought, you have another choice: you buy more of what survived, or you do some research, and look for something else that could possibly survive.  Our Texas native plants have withstood nasty weather before, unlike the sub-tropicals we all know and love.  The Texas Superstar website can give you many options. If you want to replenish those sub-tropicals, consider using pots that you can sink in the ground, or buy pretty ones to harbor your warm-weather lovers.  That way you can wheel them into protective areas if bad weather takes over in the future.

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