Built4Agility, a nonprofit organization that works to change cultural norms that divide society, will host a three-part series starting Wednesday at Sterling Municipal Library dealing with creating self-healing communities.

Organizers call it a Social Justice Dojo. “Dojo” is a Japanese term literally meaning “place of the way.” It’s a location for immersive learning through collaborative means.

Lance Watkins, public safety director for the group, is one of the organizers. Watkins is also a detective with the Baytown Police Department.

Watkins said he has been contacted by members of the community who feel lost and afraid in light of the recent series of violent crimes.

“This is an opportunity for the public to have their voices heard…in a non-judgmental zone…with the ultimate goal of creating a self-healing community,” Watkins said.

“There is so much uncertainty right now. People are unsure if they should get vaccinated or not, are they safe in their own neighborhood due to violence, will they have a job tomorrow, the housing moratorium, etc. In order for communities to be better and do better, they must first heal. Built4Agility is the catalyst.”

Watkins said the series will attempt to address the issues and figure out what people want moving forward. “It’s communication. Let me hear what you want,” he said. “Let’s figure out how do you take those desires and make them come to fruition.”

The events will be held 6 to 7:30 p.m. on three consecutive Wednesdays — Jan. 12, 19 and 26 — in the Innovation Room at Sterling Municipal Library, 1 Mary Elizabeth Wilbanks Ave. 

The sessions are free, but registration is required. 

To register for all three sessions, text “SJDOJO ALL” to 346-699-1444. To register for individual sessions, text “SJDOJO JAN12,” SJDOJO JAN19” OR “SJDOJO JAN 26.”

All sessions will be led by Watkins and Marie Alcazar, founder of Built4Agility.

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