Bryce Gillam, 1, and the Baytown Christian football team was one of two squads to claim a TAPPS state championship in 2018-19 for the school.

The state of Baytown Christian sports

Baytown Christian athletics broke into a double dose of limelight in 2018-19 when its two biggest sports brought home state titles.

The BCA football team won its second state title in three years while the boys basketball team did the same months later.

Athletic Director Kevin Jones wrapped up his first year in that position at BCA and has spent over 30 years coaching and teaching in Baytown.

This was as fun as it gets.

“We were very successful winning two state championships,” Jones said. “It was a blessing because not many school win both a football and a basketball championship in the same year. We were the only school to win in both those two sports. Everything fell into place.”

Jones oversaw an influx of talented transfers that came from various schools in the area and those athletes played a big part in the title successes.

Kids from North Shore, La Porte, Crosby and the Baytown high schools made their way over to the academy for a different life. 

“Most of the transfers had (family members) that came here a while back,” Jones said. “Some of the parents just wanted a different surroundings and where they were at. Maybe they hung around some bad friends, I don’t know. They wanted them to be in a smaller environment where, with 64 kids, you could really can be on top of them. Their grades got better … the teachers really help you and sit with you.

“The parents wanted them successful in the classroom and be in a Christian environment.”

The mesh of a number of athletes that didn’t know each other prior to arriving at BCA worked out pretty good for the school.

“The first time I saw them was at football camp last summer – 6-on-6 – and it was like ‘wow,’” Jones said. “First time I saw them in spring football I knew they were good. I saw some great athletes doing great things. I knew we were pretty good for a 6-man team.”

They might get so lucky this year as only one transfer is projected to come into the school this year.

“They all came in one year at that time,” Jones said. “It was the perfect storm. They came in and were well behaved and easy to manage. They were fun to be around.”

The baseball program hadn’t played in four years and got off the ground with a small core of 12 players. They played eight district games, losing every one, but Jones is happy that the program may finally be getting that lift off the ground it needs to stay in existence moving forward.

“You can’t build it until you start it,” Jones, who coached the team, said. “I said, ‘Let’s start it and have fun.’ I’ll tell you what, those kids got better.”

Softball won a couple of games with a young roster and an sophomore ace, Carli Norris, in the circle who threw “80 percent strikes” and Jones expects her to be the building block for the team going forward.

“I think softball is going well,” Jones said. “We are planning on building a girls softball field. We want to play softball on our own campus eventually.”

Jones also tabbed the boys basketball team as the new darkhorse from the school as they still retain a few starters and some other key components from the TAPPS Class 1A champions.

“We might not win state, but we should pretty competitive and go pretty far in the playoffs,” Jones said.

As the new school year encroaches Jones hopes that the trend for the Baytown Christian athletic program continues onward and upward.

“You’ve got to have kids that want to come to our school,” Jones said. “BCA wants to win and be very competitive while having a Christian environment. We want to support these kids spiritually and athletically.”




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