Barbers Hill, Kingwood Park meet Saturday

Barbers Hill football took its first five quarters of the season to get its mojo going.

When it did? Montgomery paid the price and the Eagles confidence soared.

Now Barbers Hill is ready to wrap pre-district play at 6 p.m. Saturday at Kingwood Park on a high note.

Barbers Hill (1-1) rolled past Montgomery, 62-31, in its home opener last week, to follow up an opening day loss at Magnolia.

Kingwood Park (1-1) comes in following a 42-13 win at home against Houston Waltrip and reconvenes this mini-rivalry with the Eagles (1-1) which beat  the Panthers, 35-7 a year ago.

“We have played them the four years I’ve been here and you’re going to get the best from both teams,” Westerberg said. “They are very similar to us and we match up pretty good and it’s been a pretty good game between us. They are very sound at what they do.”

The Panthers will spread the ball around on offense and are not shy about running the ball, according to Westerberg. 

“It’s just a very similar school in a lot of things,” Westerberg said. “It’s a pretty good rivalry that’s been going on a little bit. There’s not a very glaring ‘we’re better than them’ in any particular area. It should be a pretty good game.

“When you get teams that are pretty equal it becomes who is going to make the least mistakes knowing that mistakes will be made. It can’t be a glaring mistake.”

Westerberg said his team would like a win before the bye week, but his approach to these games is all about pragmatism.

“We preach to the kids that it’s all about getting better each week,” he said. “It’s about not making the same mistake every week.”

Against Montgomery, Barbers Hill broke open a 14-13 game after one quarter with 21 unanswered points in the second quarter and the rout was on.

Senior quarterback Christian Kaopua cemented his hold on the starting position as he threw six touchdowns, five to Cameron Cauley and one to Canden Grogan. Kaopua went 17-of-23 for 304 yards and also rushed for 76 on 13 carries.

“We didn’t rotate the quarterbacks like we did the previous week and let Christian run with it,” Barbers Hill head coach Tom Westerberg said. “We had Cameron in a bit of a different spot and the two had a good connection. We also ran the ball well.

“The first game was Christian’s first game he started the first time. He settled down into this one.”

Barbers Hill running back Cohn Betz ran for 89 yards last week, just behind Ethan Hagler’s 96 yards, and said the Eagles just found the needed confidence during the Montgomery win that sent them off and running.

“We knew going into it that we should beat them,” Betts said. “It was close and then we realized we were the better team and everything just clicked from there. Everybody figured it out at the same time.

“Kingwood Park is no slouch. Beating them would allow us to be more confident. Beating a quality opponent would mean much more to us.”


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