Taylor Kotlarz, 14, and the Goose Creek Memorial volleyball team will continue to work on their craft despite the season ending only two months ago. The Lady Patriots expect to build this offseason toward a strong 2020 campaign.

The volleyball season ended in November, but don’t tell local programs.

The Goose Creek CISD teams have continued their work into the offseason with the expectation of being even better in 2020.

The Goose Creek Memorial team, led by head coach Casey Veen, comes off a school-record 33 wins and a bi-district playoff spot. That isn’t enough as they continue to build.

We have been focusing on workouts four times a week, with volleyball skills once a week,” Veen said. “Our workouts include weights, plyometrics, jump training, and agility work. Our focus over this off season is to become more explosive, whether that is simply running from point A to point B, to how fast we get off the ground. We are training in unconventional ways to make the girls comfortable with being uncomfortable.”

Veen said the response from her players has been positive in regard to the bigger challenges their coach has placed in front of them.

“I think this offseason will help us step into a new district with a new edge,” Veen said. “We are returning quite a few starters, so we now have to up our game from running a more dynamic offense, to covering more ground on defense. We will gradually implement more days designated towards volleyball the further we go into the spring semester.”

Robert E. Lee head coach Mary Grosjean, who engineered a 12-win season in her first at the helm following a four-victory campaign, has got the Lady Ganders working on strength and agility with the players.

Sterling’s program is doing the same under head coach Candace Southall, following a bi-district playoff run last year.

We will isolate skills and just try to work on building chemistry,” Southall said. “We will take it back to the basics and build up toward the season . We do have many multi-sport athletes so our off season will not include everyone in our program.”

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