Randolph Hubbard makes a diving catch against Camari Parker, 28, during a Crosby High School football practice.

Team, coach learning about each other 

Crosby High School football got down to business with a new coaching staff and so far the returns have been positive.

Jerry Prieto came over from Corpus Christi Veterans Memorial where he was offensive coordinator and he has brought a number of different calls for the Cougars players to learn. 

So far, both sides are seeing everyone grow accustomed to the terminology.

“We are doing great with the new coaches and staff,” Senior defensive back Marcus Jnoffin said. “We are doing what we need to do to get better and win a state championship.”

A new UIL rule that allows coaches to work two hours a week with each athlete has been a benefit for Prieto and the team in building a relationship.

“We had a really good summer. The kids put in a lot of work and the sports specific workouts helped us a lot,” Prieto said. “We were getting some of this stuff installed and gave us a head start compared to where we would be.”

The coach said that his players are picking up things at a rapid rate.

“They are flying down the field, working at great tempo and executing,” Prieto said. “We haven’t had many mental mistakes. It’s been definitely a breath of fresh air with everything being so new.”

Coming to Region 3 football has also been a learning experience for Prieto as he moved over from Region 4.

“The overall speed is definitely a big difference,” Prieto said. “There are some really talented football teams in Region 4 and some of them get overlooked. There are some quality teams in both regions and it’s tough to get out of either one. 

“You know we are in the Houston area and that’s one of the more talent-rich areas of the country.”

Crosby opens the season at 7 p.m. Aug. 30 at New Caney.

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