The state of Barbers Hill sports

They just win.

That’s what Barbers Hill high school athletics are about and that’s what athletic director Tom Westerberg has seen during his three-plus years in that position.

Be it fall, winter or spring sports, the Eagles are winners.

So what next?

“The year went good,” Westerberg said. “We are on track of making the playoffs in almost every sport. Our two new sports – boys and girls soccer – are right on the edge and the girls made the playoffs once before. The boys are getting better. Other than those two, everyone is pretty much making the playoffs and some making some pretty deep runs.

“Overall we are in great shape.”

It is also about the culture of the school district  and the desire to be good and excel according to Westerberg. The expectations push from within to the community and back in return.

“I just think they are coached very well and the kids have a lot of buy in,” Westerberg said. “They love to compete and work very hard at it. Our coaches are good at sharing athletes and so when you combine the athletes we do have that really helps.

“Our coaches do a great job communicating with the parents so we don’t have a lot of issues with the parents. So we have a good group of head coaches that can handle all of that and the parents trust them to put the kids in position to win games. It’s an overall buy in from the coaches to the kids to the parents to everybody.”

Westerberg doesn’t believe there is any secret to getting a culture like this off the ground, but he believes it’s just having an experienced staff that knows how to win and build a trust factor with the community.

So what is next for The Hill?

Just keeping the boat headed in the same direction requires the same level of expectations.

“It just comes with hard work and getting the right breaks at the right time,” he said. “There is a lot that goes into it. Getting to the playoffs and making it forward is the whole thing. You have to finish in the top four and finishing in first or second makes things easier than if you don’t.”

So then as that future sports season creeps closer, he hopes and predicts the soccer teams will make their moves and that everything continues to remain as it is today: A program that knows how to succeed.

“Our goal is the same: We want to work their kids as hard as they can and win as much as they can,” Westerberg said. “We want to do right by our kids by making them accountable and better people as they come through our program. There are no secrets. We just want to keep this heading in the same direction.”


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