Now the teachers get a chance to get a report card.

Of course, this will be more about their play on a basketball court as the Harlem Wizards basketball organization is heading to Baytown for a 3 p.m. Sunday date at Lee College with teachers and staff from the Goose Creek CISD for a game of hoops and chance to help the community.

Sponsored by the Gentry Junior High Parent Teacher Student Organization, the game is a fundraiser for the organization.

Tickets are $15 at the door and $12 online at

PTSO president Heather Robus knows how important these fundraisers are.

“We use the money for a multitude of things at the school,” she said. “This year we’ve provided all the snacks for teachers and students during STAAR testing, equipment and supplies for art, band, the library, and yearbook among other things.”

Even if it’s about bringing in money, Robus believes the event and others like it have much more significance. 

“It’s about a lot more than fundraising,” Robus said. “Last year was the first time Baytown has hosted the Wizards and in all honesty,  we did not make a big profit on that.  But even without the money coming in, the Gentry PTSO Board voted to host the game again this year based on the fact that there were so many happy families and excited children after the game. It seemed to everyone it was worth it to bring back the Wizards and give Baytown another chance to be a part of such a positive and fun event.”

“It’s a lot of work and organization to put on such a large show but with the help of our board and a few other local schools, we are hoping to see lots of smiling faces on Sunday afternoon.”

The Rocket Unit of the Wizards will be led into town by Rashaan Barner brings his team to town and wants those who attend to enjoy the spectacle.

 “They get to watch a fun game, see some funny things going on – gags – and crowd participation,” Barner said. “It’s a great event.”

Barner has been doing this for 17 years and he his team will include six players to go against the GCCISD workers.

“This is easy, I am one of the guys that are trying to make people have fun,” Barner said. “I leave all the dunking and other stuff to the younger guys.”




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