Baytown Little League’s major team and Genaro Silva, right, had a strong performance in the playoffs with a team of unified players from the former American and National leagues.

BLL all-star teams show promise moving forward

Baytown Little League made a long-awaited move to combine both its American and National leagues late in the spring with the hopes of having stronger combined teams ready for All Star play.

In year one of the experiment, BLL president Dwayne White saw plenty of results that bode well for the league moving forward despite not all age brackets being able to combine forces.

“We didn’t really get to put anything into motion this year with All Stars,” White said. “Especially in the younger age groups we still had the American and National teams. Next year there will be one team for sixes, sevens and eights.

“Those teams, there first games were like June 5 so we had to have those teams formed and we didn’t find out (about the unification) until June 10.”

The BLL 7s American team finished second in its championship bracket after falling to League City.

The 8s National team finished second in zone play and made it to the championship bracket.

“Those kids could potentially make a run and we could see them on TV one day,” White said. “Those kids have played together three years and with this merger, you put three or four kids from the other side on this team? They will be a force. I am proud of them.”

The Baytown Little League’s unified Major team, coached by Juan Morales went 1-2 in the District 14 East Zone tournament which was highlighted by a win over Dickinson.

Morales said that he felt the unification process showed a definite payoff as the league moves forward.

“We need more time playing as a team, but some of the kids did OK,” Morales said. “Comparing to the other teams we played, they play all year round, but our team needs to do the same and you can tell the difference. Still, every game we played was close and we just didn’t come out with a win at the end.

“Sometimes I wish we could have done better. We just lagged a little bit on bats, but pitching-wise we were there. I know next year we can be successful, but we have to keep working hard with those kids.”

The 8-9-10 BLL team was the other unified squad. 

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