Baytonian Asa Thompson, seen here during a recent deer hunt this year, took down a prized antelope last summer while on a trip to New Mexico with his uncle last summer.

Hunting has become a major part of Asa Thompson’s DNA.

The Barbers Hill graduate – Class of 2018 – took up hunting when he was just a little boy and it paid off with a handsome trophy and an accelerated level of confidence.

When Thompson went to New Mexico last summer for a hunting trip to New Mexico with his uncle Dale O’Neal and came away killing an antelope that will make the New Mexico state record book and the Boone and Crockett record book according to O’Neal.

“He was 19 when he killed it,” O’Neal said. “Most men hunt a lifetime and never see a record book deer or antelope. It measures bigger than any other antelope killed in North America last year.”

Not bad for a first, out-of-state hunt, with a new rifle to boot, for a first ever kill while doing it alone.

“I killed a pretty good antelope,” Thompson said. 

“My uncle was excited, and I didn’t know what was going on. He was like, ‘do you realize what you just did?’”

Thompson has hunted deer and hog. He has even hunted exotic animals as he “just done a lot of Texas hunting.”

“I was speechless,” Thompson said. “I never imagined shooting something like that. I thought I had the worst luck in the world, but the good Lord gave me a little luck and there he was. Every time I think about it, I look back at the memory. It doesn’t change my perspective on hunting at all, but antelope hunting is something different. I am lucky I even got a shot at one.”

Thompson said this particular hunt ranks high in his hunting repertoire, but he doesn’t feel like he accomplished anything major.

“I just kind of got lucky,” he said. “It was just the right time and right place.

“It for sure is my most memorable though. It’s hard not to remember that.”

Thompson attends Tyler Junior College and lives in Tyler currently while studying construction management.

He is not sure of his future vocation, but he knows that hunting, which he began doing with his father Andy Thompson – now deceased, will remain a part of him.

“I go a lot with my brothers, my girlfriend and my girlfriend’s dad,” Thompson said. “My dad got me started with deer hunting. I plan to try to travel all over for hunting. I just got a bear tag to go hunting back in New Mexico.”

The antelope that Thompson took down will be mounted at Wall Hanger Taxidermist, FM 565 in Baytown, within the month.

According to owner Lynn Gigout, the antelope likely can be seen through photographs taken at the shop once it is mounted or they can eventually see photos on the business’ website or Facebook page.

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