Hard work transforms Patriot into team leader

Jace Davis

If you asked Goose Creek Memorial senior offensive lineman Jace Davis what his favorite word is, he’d likely say “work.”

That’s been Davis’ mantra as the Patriot has taken his game to another level, says head coach Shannon Carter.

 “It’s a testament to you always reap the harvest you plant,” Carter said. “The kid worked his tail off this summer and the kids gravitate to him naturally. He’s a great leader vocally and by example and it’s showing in his play. The offensive line is a great unit and getting better and better every day.”

Davis is a 6-foot-1, 275-pound center and guard who said he has moved into his role through, well, hard work.

“It’s just a grind working every day with my brothers. It’s all that is: Work, work, work and perform on Friday nights,” Davis said. “After practice, work and do it on your own. You have to put your mind into it. Don’t just practice at practice. Do the work after.”

Davis did and Carter noticed.

“I first started the job and you can see the kids who were the most committed. He was one of those you knew was committed. Watching the film from last year you can see how much better the offensive line has improved as a unit and especially Jace Davis,” Carter said. 

“He’s our communicator. He sets the front. Everybody goes where he goes. He’s been a blessing for everyone involved.”

Davis works on his footwork and hand techniques to make himself a better lineman. “Work makes you stronger. Push your body to the limit. Don’t quit when things don’t get hard,” Davis said. 

Davis wants to play college ball and has been approached by some smaller programs — so far.

GCM opens the season at 7 p.m. Thursday against Sam Rayburn at Stallworth Stadium.


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