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Former Goose Creek Memorial soccer goaltender Elizabeth Ridley has found a college home to continue her playing career, choosing Huston-Tillotson University in Austin.

All she wanted to do was help keep the other team from scoring.

Goose Creek’s now-former goaltender, Elizabeth Ridley, helped the Lady Patriots between the posts, playing a big role in the Lady Patriot run for a Class 5A playoff spot last year as the team missed out in the final week.

After that, Ridley figured she would move on from the game and move into collegiate life.

Then the University of Huston-Tillotson came calling.

The Rams, out of Austin, finished 6-8 last year and 4-6 in the NAIA Red River Athletic Conference.

Ridley’s soccer dreams continue and she believes her coach at GCM, Roman Huizar played a big role in this moment.

“Coming into high school, playing at the college level never came across my mind,” Ridley said. “Thankfully I was blessed with an opportunity. It all started from an email my high school coach sent to the University. Thanks to him, Huston-Tillotson University started to recruit me and visit their program.”

Ridley appreciated the welcoming nature of the Rams program and she enjoyed the campus and its overall environment. 

“Although the process to commit was very difficult and time consuming, it was 100 percent worth it in the end,” Ridley said. “I am blessed to have the majority of education paid for, for the next four years and continue my playing career.”

Huizar is happy for Ridley getting this opportunity as a goaltender; something he wouldn’t have guessed would happen when the two first met.

“Funny thing is she entered her high school career as a field player, but I quickly noticed her strength would be as a goalkeeper and had to strongly convince her if she embraced the challenge, she could be really good,” Huizar said. “Her sophomore year she worked and had a lot of learning to do but listened and honed her craft. Her junior year, she entered as the starter and by the end she was voted district 21-6A goalkeeper of the year and that gave her a lot of confidence that this something she could do. 

“So, it’s good to see how something that was just an idea for her has become a reality and now she will be playing in college. She put in the work to get this opportunity and she will do well and wish her the best.”

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