Power Five: Virus conquers them all

Baytown Sun photo by Alan Dale

Aaron Fuller and the Barbers Hill softball team saw its impressive 18-2 season halted in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

It all became real when the long-awaited new version of the Gary Herrington baseball tournament, the inaugural Battle of the Bay was shuttered after Thursday’s action. 

The whispers became murmurs that evolved into shouts: Schools would be closed and games would ultimately fall by the wayside.

Friday, the UIL decided to cease all competition essentially until the end of the month while the state boys basketball tournament were officially canceled.

In the meantime, all spring seasons are now being held in limbo by the coronavirus.

But it is about the safety of the citizenry and that includes local athletes as the coronavirus has taken over sports and the top of the Power Five poll.

1. The Coronavirus (new)

The irony of this weekly series literature is a week ago the last line talking about Goose Creek Memorial girls soccer said “that would scare anyone.”

Well, no offense to the Lady Patriots, this virus is truly scaring everyone.

With the panic caused by rising numbers of cases and deaths and projections claiming millions of Americans were to potentially be effected, the area schools and the UIL shut down classes and sports for at least the next couple of weeks with a revisit set for the end of the month.

When you are a mysterious, new bug and the world of sports is held hostage by you? It is clear that you become sadly, the No. 1 team in the Power 5.

2. Goose Creek Memorial girls soccer (1)

They took spring break off and were preparing for a chance to win the district title with a potential revenge victory at Friendswood Friday in the regular season finale. A 2-0 sweep of the week would have kept the 21-1-1 Lady Patriots rolling and feeling mighty about their chances in the postseason, district title or not.

Now, they will be put on ice and hopefully come back like a warm coke and nothing but melted cubes in their wake.

3. Barbers Hill softball (2)

Hot pitching engineering a impressive 18-2 start has been put on hold for head coach Aaron Fuller and the Lady Eagles.Another disappointing side to things was that their bats were figuring out how to find the ball for blistering tattoos and increasing run counts. This suspension of play could either allow them more time to work at their plate mechanics or slow their bubbling roll. 

The hope is the former.

4. Sterling baseball (3)

Timely hitting and precision pitching quietly sparked the Rangers to a 10-3 start and talk of a potential playoff run as head coach Adam Shibley’s dilligence appeared to be rewarded with potentially the best team in his tenure.

The loose, fun loving nature of the team could carry through this stoppage, but they were also playing well enough that no one wants to see them stay off the diamond for long.

5A. Barbers Hill baseball (4)

This team was another one finding its groove heading into the beginning of district play. David Denny’s club was 11-2 after a solid start to the Herrington tournament Thursday.

Then poof, it was all done. Denny said he has absolute confidence in his players to stay sharp and do the things needed to stay in shape and game mode.

If the delay starts soon that could mean a lot more wins for the Eagles.

5B. Everybody Else

All other softball, baseball, soccer, track, golf, tennis and water polo teams are equally in the same boat to sadly see their seasons thwarted because of an organism built without malice or intent to hurt any of us, but because of that ridiculous need for a host and seeing that need potentially kill people, everything is in chaos.

Best wishes to all players, coaches, their family and fans.


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