It is his first time being the athletic director of a high school program and also Jerry Prieto’s start to a head football coaching career.

But the new Crosby Cougars head man is off and running. The normal growing pains may be there, but the former assistant football coach from Corpus Christi is settling in just fine.

“It’s been fast and furious as expected and I enjoyed my time here,” Prieto said. “I’ve gotten to know the kids and members of the community. I got in here and got to work.”

Prieto, who started in May, has seen about 200 athletes coming to the summer workouts for all sports between daily sessions for both genders.

Some parts of the job have come easier to Prieto based on his own admitted strengths.

“I have always been able to build relationships with kids,” Prieto said. “That hasn’t changed coming here. To meet kids not just in football, but other sports and building relationships with those as well. That’s the part of the job I have really enjoyed.”

The challenges come with every job and Prieto isn’t immune to any.

“Across the board, especially in coaching, staffing is always an issue,” Prieto said noting it’s more about the hiring of assistant coaches. “We are making headway and hired some good guys and looking for a couple more, but we are almost done with it.”

No head coaching positions at Crosby are currently vacant.

Participation numbers in football has been impressive while the roster is mostly young.

“They want to learn and embrace new systems and terminology,” Prieto said. “They have not been standoffish. They want to soak up whatever knowledge and new schemes and terminology.”

Crosby football went 7-3 in 2018 and missed out on the playoffs.

His approach to the future of the athletic department is a practical one. He doesn’t want to overextend the job in front of him.

“It’s about not trying to do everything in one day or one week, but it’s about having a plan, having a vision and implementing it every day,” Prieto said. “For our program as a whole we want to produce good quality kids in whatever they choose to do after high school. I firmly believe if you develop those types of kids in your program, winning will take care of itself.

He has slowly made his way across the landscape of Crosby and so far, the learning experience has worked out well for Prieto with the new school year is less than two months away

“I’ve met some extremely supportive community members and they love Crosby ISD and the area,” Prieto said. “They want someone to come in and love the kids and work hard to be there for the kids and the community.

“I haven’t encountered any problems so far.”

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