Baytown Christian football and its players like David Sun (12) are used to taking their opponents’ best shot. They will face another test 5 p.m. Saturday in San Antonio against Jubilee Charter.

Defending champion Bulldogs taking opponent’s best shots

Needing a game to fill an open date, Baytown Christian Bulldogs head football coach Jeromey Anderson looked west.

There he found a willing participant in Jubilee Charter Academy and the teams will lock horns at 5 p.m. Saturday in San Antonio.

“They have been a basketball school for years and just got into six-man,” Anderson said. “You can tell they are basketball players: They are long, athletic, they are just not overly skilled in the six-man game. It takes time to pick it up.”

The two teams used the web to find a suitable opponent for Saturday’s open day.

“We reached out to them and they agreed to play us,” Anderson said. “We just needed a game, big time. We were hurting for games.”

Jubilee (1-2) may be a bit surprising as an opponent despite its newness to the game after some solid early season performances.

“They beat Dime Box who is 3-1,” Anderson said. “They run a lot of motion spread. They are new so they don’t do anything crazy. What they do, they are pretty quick with it.

“We are predicted to win again and I don’t think it will be much different than any of our other games. They are big and they will get physical. Once again we will be building on depth to move forward,” he said.

Last week, BCA (4-0) won its 18th straight game with an impressive 54-8 win at Logos Prep, routing the hosts on homecoming night.

The common refrain from Anderson is that opponents come out wanting to beat the Bulldogs in a slugfest. Yet, that approach has led to four beaten opponents – mostly by way of a BCA rout.

That happens when you play a defending state champion.

“Most of them get overly hyped for the game and sometimes get out of their comfort zone a little bit,” Anderson said. “Every team is that way. The teams you see get into the playoffs, they just do what they do and don’t try to do anything different. It’s like they played big games before. For these teams, this is their big game – playing us – it’s their state championship game.

“That’s why we get hit pretty hard – they want to beat us. If they just stuck to what they do, they’d have a better chance to beat us. Moving forward, these games up front, don’t mean anything. Instead of trying to win this game, you need to work on what you do.”

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