REL, GCM football recognized for top sportsmanship

Goose Creek CISD had both the Robert E. Lee and Goose Creek Memorial football teams nominated by the Touchdown Club of Houston for top honors regarding sportsmanship. From left are, club president, Nick Mirgeaux, FCA Fleceia Comeaux, vice president of Comerica Bank – luncheon sponsor –  Pam Lovett, REL player representative Joseph Jones and REL head football coach Tim Finn. (submitted photo)

Overall, the Goose Creek CISD football programs finished with a sub-par 9-21 record between three schools and no playoff spots.

Yet for the district as a whole, one could say, they are taking care of some of the more important stuff that doesn’t require points or wins.

This week, the district saw two of the three schools – Goose Creek Memorial and Robert E. Lee – invited to the Touchdown Club of Houston to celebrate the teams recognized for showing top sportsmanship on the field of play.

Both teams took part in the 15th Annual Comerica Bank Sportsmanship Luncheon, presented by the Fellowship of Christian Athletes as the top three teams in each classification - 6A, 5A and 4A-private schools were awarded top honors.

The Class 5A winners were Wisdom followed by Shadow Creek, and Thurgood Marshall.

“It was a great banquet and a great honor,” REL head football coach Tim Finn said. “When you saw the qualifications for getting there, it made it even more special.”

The top recipients were chosen based on play on the field which shows minimal if no unsportsmanlike conduct or personal foul penalties and general behavior during the course of competition. 

“Our pregame, where our kids come out with the American flag, we did without thinking about it or good sportsmanship,” Finn said, noting that was a part of his team’s selection. “We run out with the American flag and lead the team out. We show pride in the country and in the school. We were just thrilled to be a part of it.”

The qualifications were judged for the performance during the 2019 season.

Finn went there with player representatives Joseph Jones and Billy Haynes.

“They epitomize that,” Finn said. “Those were two of our guys whether it  was practice or game time, they were great kids who did what were asked. What you want out of a great teammate, they were it.

“Now that I have been there and it was a neat experience for the kids, it shows how we are being prepared and how our athletic department is guiding us.”

Finn took pride also that GCM was additionally selected.

GCM head coach Shannon Carter attended the event with Emerson Haywood, who is heading to Incarnate Word in the fall.

“It was a huge honor because it’s about sponsorship and ethics and the example we are trying to set for these kids,” Carter said. “It was an honor to represent the school and this community.”

Carter acknowledges that the program had a chippie reputation prior to his arrival, but he is focused on what they do here and now.

“I am not a person that ties myself to the past and I want to be who I am,” Carter said. “We create our own brand and name. We are striving for excellence on and off the field and hopefully we are doing tings the right way.”

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