The readers to decide area’s best male athlete

Has anyone wondered who was the best athlete, team, coach of their old high school or even their current one?

The Baytown Sun is hoping to potentially solve those debates in the upcoming summers.

This summer, we would like to begin the “Legends” series and have the readers help guide the narrative by nominating the best male athlete from Robert E. Lee, Ross S. Sterling, Goose Creek Memorial, Barbers Hill, Crosby, Anahuac, Baytown Christian high schools and Lee College.

If all goes well, we hope to have a series for the best female athlete next summer followed by best team, best coach, best game, best moment and so on.

How does this happen?

It’s simple. 

First you think of the top male athletes since 1950 or since the inception of a school and email us that person’s name along with a short explanation of why. If statistics and clips are available, please attach those too. Email all nominations by July 13 to

Then, once the Sun has those nominations compiled, the lists would be put up to vote on our website and the vote would last until July 20.

From there, the Sun staff would then present the Top 5 picks by school with features on those voters chose as the top athletes at the schools.

Those features would start on Aug. 1 and countdown until the official kickoff of the prep football season, Aug. 29.

Let’s bring history to life and give fans a chance to stand by the water cooler and talk about what the know on a firsthand basis.

Let the legendary process begin.

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