It was a good chance to gauge just how good his football team looks going into the new season this fall, so Tom Westerberg headed to Belton.

There, the head coach of the Barbers Hill Eagles took his squad up for a 7-on-7 tournament at Belton High School and all signs pointed upwards following the weekend.

The Eagles finished the weekend with a 4-5 record over Friday and Saturday, going 3-3 before dropping two of their last three games.

Still Westerberg came back to Mont Belvieu feeling good about what he saw.

“We played nine games in 24 hours over two days and it wasn’t the best record, but we played a lot of kids,” Westerberg said. “They got a bunch of reps and rotated quarterbacks back-and-forth. I was proud of them. We were in all the game.”

Seniors Connor Dunham and Christian Kaopua shared reps under center and both gave Westerberg plenty to look forward to.

“They both ran our offense and did a good job,” Westerberg said.

The Eagles have a number of top receivers back from last year and Westerberg noted the play of junior Cameron Cauley while Jaden Meredith and Canden Grogan were also showing some flashes.

“They all caught the ball well,” Westerberg said. “We caught the ball pretty well. Where we need improvement is we need more consistent quarterback-play throughout a game.”

The competition was also welcome for the Eagles.

“You get out of our area and go to Central Texas and there are a lot of teams from the greater Austin area and the Belton-Temple area,” Westerberg said. “They played some good 7-on-7 over there.”

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