Megan Henderson is one of the two dozen players and coaches from the Crosby High School softball team that found a way to make the most of a pandemic. (Visuals by Crosby High School softball)

Just because the world is locked down in the face of a pandemic didn’t keep the Crosby High School softball team from finding a way to stay connected.

As the death and case count for the COVID-19 pandemic grows nationally and globally, the Lady Cougars and coaches combined to make a video – posted on Twitter – to show a fun side of the 24 total persons involved in the making of it.

“Our @Crosby Softball family might not be able to be together right now, but we are staying close” accompanies the March 25 post of the video, illustrating the team’s ability to have some fun during the dour days the nation faces.

Copying an idea from Team Canada and Kingwood High School softball teams, the video shows a player holding a softball and then finding a unique way to throw the ball off screen to be “caught” by another player in a new scene to do the same thing.

Backgrounds range from bedrooms, to backyards, to various locations in various homes.

“Coach (Troy Fox thought it was a fun idea to do while they were out,” Crosby athletic director Jerry Prieto said. 

“(Coaches) took the video and put together all of the film. I think it was a great idea for the team to do something together while they are apart. It helps take their minds off being at home and not being around their teammates.  

“They found a way to team build without being around one another which is very important right now.”

“The video was a way to keep our team connected even though we aren’t allowed to be together in person,” junior catcher Maggie Herdejurgen said. “It was fun trying to come up with an idea that was different than what you thought someone else would do or had already put out there. Our principal getting in on it, along with some alumni was pretty awesome. It was a total community effort and we are blessed to have Coach (Daniel) Henderson as a new addition to the team. He really enjoys doctoring pictures and making fun videos with the teams and it adds a whole new kind of fun for the program.”


The video can be watched at

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