West takes down East in Bayou Bowl

Montrel Motton, 84, of Robert E. Lee High School representing the East at this year’s Bayou Bowl looks on as his team was defeated 31-21 Saturday at Columbia Stadium in League City.  

For the fifth time in six years, the East couldn’t overcome West in the Bayou Bowl.

Led by Shadow Creek quarterback Ja’Marian George’s MVP performance the West bounced back from last year’s loss with a 31-21 win Saturday at Challenger Stadium in Webster.

Georgie finished the night going 9-for-15 for 91 yards and a touchdown pass while rushing for 33 yards and another score.

Baytown’s Montrel Motton (Robert E. Lee) and Greg Edwards III (GCM) participated in the game, representing the East team.

The linebacker Edwards finished with 12 tackles and two quarterback hurries while Motton caught three passes from the wide receiver position.

“It was a good game,” Dick Olin, the organizer of the Bayou Bowl said. “The coaches did a tremendous job. It’s hard to put in an offense in three days, but they did it. A few players here and there it could have been a closer game.

“It was a good crowd and it was a beautiful venue. The kids were great as well.”

Olin said that approximately 5-6,000 fans were in attendance.

“Those people ought to be commended,” Olin said. “It was a good crowd, they were excited.”

Now Olin has begun to look for a new location for the 2020 bowl game, and hopes it can be on the west side.

“We will start that process in a week or so and see what we can do,” Olin said.

The game was held in Baytown last summer and was held there from 2003-2014 at Stallworth Stadium.

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