Football player reconnects at Anahuac

Anahuac High School football coach Greg Neece took one look at the mountainous body walking around school and knew he had to have him on the team.

That physical specimen was senior Quintrell Coates, a 6-foot-8 and 275-pound athlete and eventual new member of the football team.

“Quintrell has got some extraordinary talent and size and he’s going to be a kid to watch this season,” Neece said. “He’s big and looks the part. He’s a good athlete and he can run,”

Coates moved to Anahuac from Zachary, Louisiana where he lived the previous two years after spending his freshman year in Anahuac.

“It’s great to be back,” Coates said. 

Coates only played basketball and track during his first stint as a Panther, but signed up for football when Neece and him talked about the possibility.

“It’s fun because I like the contact and the majority of my friends play,” Coates said. 

Coates’ introduction to the sport will be as a Panther defensive end.

“I like to be that person who makes the game,” Coates said. “I like to hit and make plays.”

Coates played tight end as a junior high football player, but he hadn’t quite grown a fondness for the sport.

Until now.

“It’s  the environment,” Coates said. “The coaches are pushing me and telling me that I am doing good. It makes me feel like I can be greater at football.”

The coaches are enthused about what the young man could bring to the table this season which begins at 7:30 p.m. on Aug. 30 at Tarkington.

“No one knows about him yet, but they’re about to,” Neece said. “He’s a great kid and student. It’s probably unfair to put some high expectations on him since he hasn’t played before, but so far he’s shown that he has some natural abilities and can make plays.”

Tough love is a part of the new Anahuac way and that will include Coates, who moved back to live with his grandmother.

“We are going to be tough on him and push all of them to give great effort,” Neece said. 

Coates said that coming back to Anahuac and playing football has helped him transition back and reconnect with his old friends.

“I am glad to finish off at Anahuac,” Coates said.

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