Robert E. Lee athlete Keke Davis, center, was injured during football season and is working to get back and  help the basketball squad this winter. (file photo)

Return date yet to be determined after rehab ends

Keke Davis was so versatile for the Robert E. Lee football team that besides playing five positions, he was also ready to do the team’s laundry and cook the team meals.

OK, maybe not, but in reality, Davis’ presence was so big that once he went down with a broken right fibula just above the ankle against Nederland in October, it would case a pall over the Ganders who were 4-2 at the time and ended up 5-5.

Davis, a running back, defensive back, return man and long snapper, began his comeback in hopes of being ready for District 22-5A basketball play which is set to begin next week.

It hasn’t been easy.

“I didn’t know I broke it,” Davis said. “I wasn’t trying to think that I broke it. Then I walked on it and I felt the pop and I knew I had broken it. I was in pain.

“I am hurting. I couldn’t play the last few games with my cousin Ijenea Wooley.

When the injury happened while blocking and a defender fell on to his leg, Davis was distraught.

“I was mad that I couldn’t play with my boys and I know it hurt them to see me go down,” Davis said. “I’d  been playing sports since second grade and seeing them play without me, that hurt.”

It led to him sometimes avoiding practices to not remind him of what he was missing after a freak injury.

“He’s running a pass route and breaks his ankle and that just does not happen very often, especially when he isn’t involved in the play,” REL football coach Tim Finn said. “It’s been hard to watch since then. He spent over a month in a wheelchair. Hopefully it will back to normal after Christmas. He’s struggling with not being able to play.”

He started physical therapy this week and he hopes that it can set him up for a chance to get on the hardwood where is considered the team leader.

“It’s been tough since he’s such a competitor,” REL basketball coach Seth Due said. “He doesn’t take reps off, he likes getting better and he likes the process of it. To have that instantly taken away, it had to have been tough on him.

“He’s trying to be here to help these guys grow without him, because when he is here, it’s his team.”

Davis is well aware of the risks of going too fast too soon. He will not have surgery as he was advised that he could recover naturally.

“I really want to be back for the first district game,” Davis said. “I am not going to try to do that much right then and there. It’s going to have to take time to get back to what I was. I will take it step by step and mot mess it up worse than it was at first.”

He now wears a walking boot and knows he may have to sit out the basketball season.

“I am ready even if I have a 50-50 chance I will come back,” Davis said. “I feel that it is coming back right.”

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