Mission accomplished for Barbers Hill football.

Tom Westerberg, entering his fourth season at the helm of the Eagles program, said spring football ended with a flourish of positives, getting a lot of players reps and seeing a higher level of athleticism heading into the dog days of summer.

An improvement on last year’s 7-4 record could be in the offering come the fall.

The Eagles use the offseason to get the team up to snuff with the team’s mechanics, offensive and defensive sets and just what the coaching staff wants them to do before coming into spring ball.

“During the offseason, the days we aren’t in the weight room, the players are involved with their position coaches doing specific drills,” Westerberg said. “They are all doing their skills to get ready for spring. Those guys have done that the whole time.”

With the Barbers Hill coaching staff invested in their players on a daily basis, the surprise story of that kid who comes out of nowhere doesn’t really happen for programs such as these.

“The way we do our offseason, there weren’t any big surprises, it was pretty much we expected,” Westerberg said. “Every once in a while you may get a surprise, but when you’ve been around the kids every day and we do 7-on-7 before spring ball, we do several 1-on-1 work. So nothing really surprises or pops up.”

The improved athleticism is nice to have and some of it did come more as maturity and growth sets in with the players as they get one grade older.

But still, no surprises.

“That’s what the offseason is about: We try to get them bigger, stronger, faster and as the kids grow older they get better,” Westerberg said. “That’s what we do as coaches.”

Westerberg wouldn’t pinpoint where his team specifically needs to improve, instead citing that they just need to get better.

“We are always trying to get better,” Westerberg said. “Our overall knowledge of football. We go into the summer trying to get better. We will work on throwing and catching the football and all that kind of stuff.”

The Eagles will head to Belton for a 7-on-7 tournament on June 7-8 and will feature 24 teams including programs Austin, Waco, Temple and Killeen.

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