The three Goose Creek CISD football programs were highlighted at the Rotary Club meeting Wednesday. Pictured, from left, E.J. Hawkins, Cameron Garcia, Jacorian Colbert and Phoenix Shackleford. 

Typically, football coaches visit service clubs to provide insight on the upcoming season. But the Rotary Club received a fresher update on the season Wednesday afternoon. 

The three Goose Creek CISD head coaches visited the club along with representatives from their team. Athletic Director Bernie Mulvaney and Assistant Athletic Director Lee Martinez were also in attendance.

Each of the coaches gave a quick update and along with an introduction of their guest. Lineman Cameron Garcia represented Goose Creek Memorial.

“He has played every position on the offensive line,” GCM head coach Bren Jones said.

Jones said Garcia does well with technique when facing bigger defenders, using leverage and arms.. 

“He does a great job for us,” he added. 

Garcia, a senior, carries a 4.96 GPA and is ranked in the top four percent in his class.  

Jones said the team is 1-1 and coming of a loss to South Houston in which the team had some positives. Among the positives was playing strong after the half, which is part of a culture change. He highlighted the senior class as well as his coaching staff.

“GCM is a great place to be,” he said. “I have been there since it opened in 2008. We have a great coaching staff and great kids.”

GCM will be at Clear Falls Friday.

Lee head coach Tim Finn introduced cornerback Jacorian Colbert and defensive lineman Phoenix Shackleford. Both invited the Rotarians to this week’s game at Galena Park and the district opener against Port Neches-Groves, which will also be First Responder Night. 

Finn said the Ganders are also 1-1 on the season. After beating Westbury 55-6, the team stumbled in a 34-27 loss to Splendora. 

“We were feeling really good after the win, probably a little too good,” he said. “Hopefully we learned a lesson. We have great kids at Lee.”

Sterling head coach Robert Toomer said he was happy to be in Baytown and highlighted the camaraderie in clubs such as the Rotary Club.

“We are trying to instill that in our kids,” he said. 

Toomer said the program is working on developing good citizens and said all the programs have amazing kids. As for Sterling, Toomer said the sky is the limit for the program. The condition is if the team can get out of its own way and learn to be good teammates.

He recognized his player, quarterback E.J. Hawkins as an example. Hawkins also lines up at receiver, defensive back and on special teams. He plays basketball, runs track and carries a 3.4 GPA. 

During the first week, Toomer said Sterling didn’t know how to be a team but the kids didn’t give up and rebounded with a win.

“As long as they stay together and play as a team, we will be fine,” he said. 

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