The Sterling High School tennis program has seen continued growth on the courts as both the boys and girls programs improve and flourish in Class 6A competition.  Sixty campers registered for the first Ranger Tennis Camp this week.

Summer status report: Sterling tennis

Following a spring where the Sterling Rangers boys tennis team captured a Class 6A Region 3 district title and a girls squad showed a high level of competitiveness, things are moving in the right direction for head coach John Tremmel.

This week he and the Rangers played host to their camp – for students aged 7 to 14 - which was a rekindling of sorts for the Sterling coach.

“This was the first year bringing the Ranger Tennis Camp back,” he said. “The last year of the camp was 2012. It has always been my goal to bring it back. It was such a huge part of the community in Baytown. Many kids grew up going to the camp, many of them continued playing the sport.

“I was wanting to get it up and running to promote the sport, and the campers definitely showed up. On registration day, we had 60 campers registered.”

That can only help tennis in Baytown.

“I think the interest in tennis goes up and down and I would say right now it is on a positive upswing,” Tremmel said. “At Sterling, we have averaged 60 players in the program from the freshman to senior level. The middle schools have done a fantastic job at promoting the sport and getting their kids involved.

“The key to building tennis in a school in community is exposure. We have many players in the community competing and taking lessons. My goal hosting the Ranger Tennis Camp is to spread the love for the game of tennis. Many kids do not get the chance to play tennis, by having the camp I hope to give them more opportunities.”

With a number of senior boys leaving, Tremmel has spoke with optimism of his freshman, now sophomore class.

“My freshman class continues to impress,” he said. “Last year I had 20 freshman on the team, many of them were competing and winning a lot of matches. They started to build a competitive environment with each other and this pushes them to be the best. I do know they have a desire to continue to represent the program in positive ways.

“We graduated a lot of seniors the last two years, this a chance for them to step up and continue the traditions of Sterling Tennis.”

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