The Prairie View Interscholastic League Coaches Association will hold its Hall of Honor/Hall of Fame banquet from noon to 5  p.m. on July 20.

The event, set to take place at the Marriott South Hotel, 9100 Gulf Freeway in Houston, will honor a number of former athletes, coaches and a trainer and five of those inductees will be from the former George Washington Carver school in Baytown.

The Baytown Carver High School Recognition and Preservation Society – founded in 2010 – played a part in those five individuals being inducted and for the first time ever, the Carver School R & P Society nominated two females for induction.

Coach Jessie Leonette Addison, a former George Washington Carver High School female basketball and track and field coach will be posthumously inducted as a former female PVIL coach and Mrs. Viola Lewis-Tubbs will be inducted as a female basketball athlete.

Mr. Earlest Fontenot, Jr. and Mr. Alfonzo “Buddy” Neal will be inducted as baseball athletes and Mr. Leslie L. Jenkins, Jr., a former Carver School athlete and Robert E. Lee High School two sports athlete, who graduated in 1970, is scheduled to be inducted as a PVIL-UIL “Bridging the Gap” football athlete.

Jenkins is the first REL athlete to be inducted as a PVIL-UIL athlete in any sport. Since 1994, a total of 46 individuals from Baytown have been inducted into the PVILCA Hall of Honor/Hall of Fame.

The PVILCA Hall of Honor recognizes coaches and Hall of Fame athletes and trainers and the banquet is always well attended.

In addition to the five selections from Baytown, they will be honor five coaches who won high school state championships for the 2018/2019 school year and are scheduled to honor and award a total of four, $1,000 PVILCA scholarships to two Athletes of the Year and two Academic Athletes of the Year.

They will also recognize three individuals with 2019 PVILCA Meritorious Awards.  As part of the extra activities pertaining to this ceremony, the PVILCA’s sixth-annual Scholarship Golf Tournament will be held July 19 starting at 8 a.m. The cost to participate is $125 per person.

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