This is just a sample size of how a sports junkie gets his fix on a busy Saturday of sports action. Clearly, this person has a social life.

I am a sports junkie. I admit it. I own it. 

I love it.

But what does a sports junkie do to be a sports junkie?

Well as my accompanying photo illustrates, you first have a lot of things to watch games on. I have a laptop, a phone, two Ipads and a big screen TV that sits behind me when I am at my desk. At times? I have actually had all of them running at once. 

Lately, I have found it easier to split screen my laptop into two so I can watch multiple games there, while watching from all the others at the same time.

Luckily, this last few weeks, I have only had three to four games to watch at a time with this being the most massive month of soccer ever.

While watching the FIFA U-20 World Cup, Women’s World Cup, Copa America, the Gold Cup and the African Cup of Nations, I have been able to keep a keen eye on the Cricket World Cup, the FIBA Women’s Eurobasket – go Hungary! – tournament while also monitoring American events.

Oh, and the beach volleyball world championships have me riveted.

Now, do I usually watch these many things at once during a normal course of a month? Nah. I may watch games from two to three rugby leagues, five to six soccer competitions, our national collegiate events and maybe a few pro games.

That’s all.

Someone asked me: “How do you keep track of it all at once?”

I don’t know? I guess I am really good at multi-tasking – something that comes in handy if you want to do this job or any for that matter. I can easily tell you why the USA took a 2-1 lead on England, while reciting the situation in the England-India cricket match as you are entranced by my explanation of how the Wests Tigers have scored consecutive tries to take a lead in the rugby match with the Rabbitohs.

All while feeding my cat and taking a phone call.

“How can you listen to all that noise?”

I don’t.

I have all volume down and sometimes manage to read my Kindle or even listen to my music collection (43,400 songs) and just enjoy the day.

There are so many unhealthy addictions out there and truthfully, I am not an addictive personality. My passion is music, first and foremost, and sports – yes – a distant second.

But I think as our lives evolve and things around us change sometimes you just have certain “toys” that allow you to get away from the rat race and the minutiae.

While I have the options of listening to the news and the moronic politicians continually wasting our time with false rhetoric from every direction, or watching reality shows that give me a better understanding just how to be a lying, cheating, philanderer or a really bad cook, I think I have the better solution.

Listen to music made by people who were in many cases on drugs while recording their songs as I watch sports played by a number of athletes surely cheating thanks to hormones and steroids in leagues full of allegations of shady dealings and officials who can’t referee a game that most people at home know more about.


My lesser of two evils is just that.

Now, about that English ruck …

Alan Dale is the sports editor of the Baytown Sun. He can be reached at


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