The Battle of the Bay should see a lot of good play on both sides of the ball, like this put out by Goose Creek Memorial second baseman Eduardo Moreno Tuesday night, when the first edition of the tournament begins today.

There have been other versions of the Gary Herrington baseball tournament, but this one is a little different according to Sterling head Adam Shibley.

The Battle of the Bay,  which will be played at Sterling, Robert E. Lee, Goose Creek Memorial and Barbers Hill high schools, begins at 9 a.m. this morning with games scheduled through Saturday in a tournament that recognizes the former REL baseball coach.

However, the recent coronavirus pandemic has caused a dent in the tournament’s original plans as both Aldine ISD programs Davis and Nimitz dropped out along with Spring Westfield and Marcus high schools due to the health scare. Assistant athletic director for Goose Creek CISD, Lee Martinez, said more schedule changes could take place if more withdrawals occur.

“I would check with their kids and coaches to see when and where the game times are going to be arranged,” Martinez said. “That’s going to be the best way to find out - through social media.  We just got to do what we can do.”

Martinez added that the plan is to go ahead with the tournament even if it ends up with an abbreviated format. He noted the possibility exists if enough teams back out for safety reasons, the event could be scrapped.

Be sure to check thebaytownsun.com/sports for updates through the weekend for schedule and tournament status updates.

Shibley sees the potential of the tournament regardless of the number of teams that participate.

“Having four sites in such close proximity and three of the four being turf, it was extremely attractive for some of the top teams to come play, almost guaranteed games the weekend before most start district,” Shibley said. “It’s a really strong field for any year but especially for the inaugural year of this tournament.”

The facility upgrades made it easier for Shibley to sell the tournament to more programs for this edition and future ones.

GCM head coach Brian Williams is happy that the Goose Creek CISD athletic administration moved on this new format.

“I think its great they decided to bring this tournament back,” Williams said. “Anybody who is familiar with high school baseball in Baytown knows Gary Herrington. He is a legend at Lee. 

“I think it is great for the city of Baytown as well to get the opportunity to see some great teams and we are excited about being a part of it.”

Robert E. Lee head coach David Schmidt is looking forward to having Herrington’s old program be a part of the event.

“I think it is tremendous that we are hosting a baseball tournament in honor of the greatest baseball coach in the history of Goose Creek CISD,”  Schmidt said. “It’s the biggest baseball tournament in the state. We are honored that we are able to play in and host some of the games.”

Admission is $5 for adults and $3 for kids per game and tournament t-shirts are $20.

DAY ONE schedule

Thursday, March 12

at Sterling High School

9 Sterling vs. Dobie

11:15 Dobie vs. Clear Falls

1:30 Sterling vs. Clear Falls

3:45 K Park vs. Cy Ranch

6 Cy Ranch vs. Marcus

8:15 Kingwood vs. K Park

at REL

10 REL vs. Hastings

12:15 Hastings vs. Northbrook

2:30 Northbrook vs. United

4:45 United vs. Itasca

at GCM

9:30 GCM vs. Deer Park

11:45 Deer Park at Atascocita

2 Atascocita vs. Pearland

4:15 Pearland vs. Conroe

6:30 Conroe vs, GCM

at Barbers Hill

9:30 Barbers Hill vs. La Porte

11:45 La Porte vs. Santa Fe

2 Santa Fe vs. Channelview

4:15 Barbers Hill vs. Channelview

DAY TWO schedule

Friday, March 13

at Sterling High School

9 Sterling vs. Santa Fe

11:15 Santa Fe vs. Conroe

1:30 Sterling vs. Conroe

3:45 Clear Falls vs. Cy Ranch

6 Cy Ranch vs. Pearland

8:15 Pearland vs. Clear Falls

at REL

10 Lumberton vs. Hastings

12:15 Hastings vs. Itasca

2:30 Northbrook vs. Lumberton

4:45 REL vs. United

at GCM

11 Deer Park vs. Kingwood

1:30 Kingwood vs. Channelview

4 Channelview vs. GCM

at Barbers Hill

9:30 Barbers Hill vs. Dobie

11:45 Dobie vs. La Porte

2 La Porte vs. Atascocita

4:15 Atascocita vs. K Park

6:30 K Park vs. Barbers Hill

*Schedule set to change due to coronavirus concerns

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