Archie Wright has seen a lot in the ways of the world and soccer.

Now he will bring that vision to the Ross S. Sterling High School boys soccer program.

Wright was announced as the new coach, replacing Marc Broyles, last week.

Wright will come back to a region he is familiar with as the coach of a program that will need a jumpstart after a sub .500 season last spring.

Wright has 25 years of playing and coaching experience and has coached at all levels from kindergarten to the high school level, to the MLS Houston Dynamo Pre-Academy team, and most recently at Truman College in Chicago, Illinois.

The 2017 season was Wright’s final one at Truman College, an NJCAA program, where they went 3-11-1.

He moved back to Houston in 2018 and was eventually re-deployed as a member of the National Guard to serve in Afghanistan. He is a member of the United States Air Force.

He returned to civilian life in April of this year.

Now? Time to help Sterling soccer bounce back.

“I would have been in the college game … and we wanted to come back to Houston anyways,” Wright said. “Most of my coaching career was here so it was good to be back.”

Wright coached five years at Spring DeKaney, holding the position of head coach.

He is also happy about where the Sterling program is located.

“The location was the first thing,” Wright said. “The population is also similar to where I coached before. Also, the staff and (Campus Athletic Coordinator) Coach (Robert) Toomer seems to really support his coaches. Everything seems to fit in all aspects.”

Despite the other two boys teams in Baytown – Goose Creek Memorial and Robert E. Lee – having recent successes over the past few years, Wright is not worried about competing in Class 6A when being compared to the other two schools.

“They can compare ourselves to them … but there are difficulties from 6A to 5A,” Wright said. “We still want to compete at the level we are at. It starts with a mentality change and getting players to buy in. From there you can work on the strength and conditioning which is huge. The top teams are committed and able to perform at a high level.”

He also expects to have a tactically adept team and that starts with defense.

“I build up from the back,” Wright said. “If you have a good back, a solid keeper and good defensive group you can win games. Offensive wins games and defense wins championships. I think that’s true in all sports.”

Then of course it is about getting the Rangers on the same page.

“Can we get them to play as a team and to compete at the highest level,” Wright said. “If we can get them to do those two things, we might be able to do some things. It will take time, about a year or two, but we will get there.”

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