Lacey Eads, a long-time Barbers Hill girls’ basketball assistant coach, ended up having to run the program’s summer camp last week and enjoyed the experience even if it was a last-minute proposition.

BH girls hoops finds way after late coaching change

When Tri Danley announced he would be leaving Barbers Hill’s girls basketball program two weeks ago, it left the normal questions: Who would the new coach be? What would the players think? What style would they play with the new program?

What would happen with the summer camp?

So after some tossing and turning on what to with the girls basketball camps for younger kids, the school decided to keep them as scheduled and assistant coach Lacey Eads stepped in to run the show.

Danley, who was in attendance on the last day of the camp, noted the numbers in attendance seemed less than in the past where about 100 campers would show up.

“I think people didn’t think we would have it,” Eads said. “I don’t know why the numbers were so low this year.”

This was Eads’ first time to run a camp and on top of that, was still involved with the softball team’s postseason run that ended last weekend.

“Let me tell you, it was very stressful,” Eads said. “We had to find workers at the last minutes, order shirts … we had nothing done. It was ‘Coach Eads, you are going to run it. Hope you are still playing softball, but you are in charge.’”

Yet, as the camp moved on, things went well.

“It went great and once we got it all figured out and organized, honestly I think this was the best camp since I have been here,” Eads said. “We did little things like fundamentals, shooting form and mass drills where we are all out here. The little ones got to see how the bigger kids shoot and their shooting form. We did it all. I thought it was awesome.”

Now Eads and her fellow coaches and the players will wait and see who the district hires as Danley’s replacement.

“The coaches are pretty nervous because we know Coach Danley’s stuff: his plays, how he coaches, his philosophies,” Eads said. “We will be fine. There’s no turning back now. I am looking forward to who they bring in.”

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