A number of sports like softball at Goose Creek Memorial are turning the corner toward success and new athletic director Shannon Carter wants all teams to maximize their potential.

The state of Goose Creek Memorial sports

When Shannon Carter was handed the reins of the Goose Creek Memorial football program, he also became the school’s campus athletic coordinator.

So embarking on his first football head coaching, Carter arrived in Baytown and got to working on not only taking care of his own program, but also learning about the other dozen-plus sports, coaches and players.

“It’s been awesome, it really has,” Carter said. “I am learning like an infant on the job, day in, day out. I am meeting the kids, meeting the coaches and trying to find out what we need to continue to enhance the athletic director to school spirit to tie everything together.

“Coaches are going to be judged by the record and the scoreboard. To me, it’s about maximizing what you have and keep your mission building towards ultimately what you what it to be. That vision has been cast with every head coach.”

The new turf fields coming in for the football/soccer fields and the baseball and softball fields has helped engineer that philosophy of full steam ahead.

“With outdoor sports in Houston, it’s obviously needed and it’s going to help when it rains so you don’t have to schedule around it or reschedule practice time. You have facilities now that can withstand an act of God and continue to practice and develop.”

Carter wants to make his imprint visible and tangible as the new sports calendar gets under way in August.

“We are going to be about energy and preach a culture of seeking victory and working toward what that means,” Carter said. “Just because we speak of victory doesn’t necessarily mean the scoreboard. We want to change the mentality of these kids and community and galvanize people. We want to build the culture from inside and outside the building.”

Carter will illustrate this change day in and day out.

“I am a humble person by nature, but I believe the coaches and the community and administrators are carrying the mantle of modelling the behaviors you want to see,” Carter said. “I think that resonates throughout the entire organization.”

While Carter is trying to get the whole athletic department moving in an upward trajectory, he still has to also worry about a football season that’s about two months away from preseason practices.

“One thing you can tell is Goose Creek wants to win and there is parent involvement and from the booster club standpoint has risen with more buy in,” Carter said. “But it’s a two-way street and it’s about getting the kids to buy in and the investment it takes to become a winner. You just don’t win games in the fall.”

Carter hopes to get his program filtering through to the middle school programs and kickstart the Patriots after a disappointing 2-8 season a year ago.

“It’s a challenge so far, but that is something we are dead set getting done,” Carter said.

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