Senior Josh Chhuon, left, is making the most of his last opportunity to play high school football after transferring to Baytown Christian. 

BCA senior gets back on the gridiron

Not necessarily big of height, but definitely blessed with a strong frame, Baytown Christian senior football player Joshua Chhuon has turned heads for the defending Division IV TAPPS six-man football champions.

Chhuon, who plays on both offensive and defensive lines transferred to the Bulldogs program last summer from Goose Creek Memorial High School.

He didn’t play last year at Baytown Christian and spent the past year preparing to play his senior year.

The last time Chhuon played football was in junior high.

He then began going to the gym almost every night during the 2018 summer focusing on getting stronger

It also helped that once he hit the gridiron, Chhuon said he gave his best efforts and was given words of encouragement from coaches that pushed him forward.

“It really sparked something in me to go harder and get somewhere,” Chhuon said.

BCA head coach Jeromey Anderson saw a solid player.

Anderson is impressed that Chhuon combines strength with nimble feet.

“He worked a lot during the offseason and you could tell he got a lot stronger and quicker and he is quick for a big guy,” Anderson said. “Usually it’s hard to find a big guy who could go tight and spread and get up the field. He’s going to be a huge asset to us being able to pound the ball in tight and not be a liability when we go spread. We are really excited about having him. It’s been a long time since we had a big physical guy up front that can go both ways.”

Anderson said that Chhuon can play both ways, but he may have to get used to the pace of the six-man version of football and build up his endurance to help on the defense more.

“He looked really good at defensive end in terms of holding that edge,” Anderson said. “The problem won’t be whether he can do it, it’s the cardio and staying in shape that becomes a factor when playing both ways.”

Chhuon said that he has had a lot of work with hand and foot movements thanks to playing basketball and that may explain why despite being a stocky, big body, he is so fleet of feet.

“He’s just excited about getting back on the field and play again,” Anderson said. “But we’re even more excited.”

Chhuon helps in more ways than one since BCA’s normal influx of transfers were minimal this offseason so the in-house players had to step up.

In the end, it’s all about Chhuon’s teammates that matters most.

“I’d like a ring and like to see the freshmen and sophomores step up and improve,” Chhuon said. “That’s the No. 1 priority: To get everyone better as a team.”

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