The Crosby High School girls basketball team enjoyed a strong showing at the East Texas Baptist University camp in June. According to head coach Michelle Trotter, the Lady Cougars showed great teamwork as a young team continues to figure out how to work together heading into the upcoming season this winter. From left, Taylor Stermon, Sequoia Carroll, Caitlin Harris, Zaraiya Lee, Cortni Harris, Katie Harris, Kaylynn Collins and Julia Malac.

Girls basketball update

The Crosby Lady Cougars are going to be a much younger basketball team next season.

That’s why head coach Michelle Trotter is doing what she can to get them out to events that can only help the squad prepare for the grind of Class 5A basketball.

The Lady Cougars traveled to East Texas Baptist University in Marshall for three days of basketball competition and Trotter came away happy with what she was able to see.

The games were more of a round-robin set up and not an actual tournament. However, the university did have teams play in a tournament-type setting of an overtime competition where a game starts with a jump ball and had one minute to win the contest, similar to a shortened extra period after regulation.

“It gave them an in-the-game scenario,” Trotter said. “That one they played a tournament. I and the kids liked it and it gave a good taste of what an in-game situation looks like. It gave them an idea of the mindset you have to have when you get down really quickly 2-0. You have to have the mindset of we can do this, we can comeback.”

“I really liked the concept of how they did that tournament so that is something I would like to use.

Crosby’s girls made the final of the overtime series.

Trotter appreciates what the girls have been able to do in order to get on the same page.

“What I really liked is that they are playing as a team,” Trotter said. “They are supportive of each other and they hold each other accountable and no one gets hurt feelings. The character side of it, team bonding is really great.”

The way they look on the floor has also pleased Trotter.

“The skill is getting better,” Trotter said. “Every time you step on the floor, you are going to improve. There are still things we need to work on since we haven’t played together since April.”

One thing that is apparent is the younger players, who tried to do right by the older players last season are now stepping up as the go-to kids and embracing those roles.

“Those freshmen that played on varsity during the season, there was that dilemma of trying to do things right and give the seniors a good year, so there was that nervousness,” Trotter said. “Playing together this summer, now it’s their team and their program so there is this comfort that they can make mistakes and learn from them. There is no pressure. It’s all about getting better.”

One of the players, Kaylynn Collins, was enthused by her team’s play over the course of the tournament.

“Our team, since we were together the whole time, we improved so much over the three days,” Collins said. “Other teams would finish their games and go right to the dorms, but we would stay and watch games and stay together.”

Collins also noted their apparent youth is not that big of a factor.

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