I’ve never met a Socialist or Liberal who didn’t like a tax. The words “fear and tax” in the same headline; what planet does Steve Showalter live on? 

A carbon tax (no fear) and then a tax rebate or a tax credit, doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. 

First, we tax the big companies, who then pass along the tax to the consumer and then the government issues a tax credit to the consumer. Smoke and mirrors. 

And yes, as Professor Showalter says, I’m proud to be one of the “right wing loons in the Republican Party” who doesn’t believe in man-made global warming, thank you very much. 

I am not a scientist but there are many observed climate records going back a hundred years or more in addition to careful examinations of ice plug samples from the North and South poles which give an entirely different picture of warming and/or cooling than the current narrative. The earth’s history in ice plugs alone show warming and cooling for the entire life of the planet and if any history at all is read, the “little Ice Age” and the “Dark Ages” are examples of non man-made cooling. 

Compare 25 years to 50 years or even 150 years of data with the earth’s age of 4.54 billion years and tell me with any certainty that man is the culprit of global warming, climate change or whatever you want to call this non-event. 

Carbon makes life possible on this planet. Plants grow, food is produced, clouds are formed and life goes on. All because of carbon, sunshine and water. What’s the purpose of taxing something that all life on this planet must have to continue living? Oh, of course, my bad! It’s to have the government take care of us from cradle to grave.

Robert Pickering

Beach City

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Alan H

Mr Pickering, admitting you are a lunatic is one thing and a cult conservative Republican is worse yet. From which kooky conspiracy theorists website did you find your data? Or was it from watching Fox Fake News?

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