Nice try Mr. Butcher on trying to downplay socialism. All the Democratic candidates are advocating “free” everything. That’s socialism pure and simple. 

We have European countries bankrupt and a prime example right across our northern border. Every been to Canada? A case of beer is $50, hamburger, coke and fries are $15, and a gallon of gasoline is $7. 

Democratic California is a prime example of a place headed to pure socialism, broke, high gas prices, high taxes, free services for illegals, sanctuary for illegal criminals and people fleeing by the thousands.

Social Security and Medicare are not social programs. Normal working people contribute every payday with the exception of a past loophole where teachers never paid in and were able to collect. The government is only holding our own money. There would be money out the wazoo in Social Security if the government hadn’t dipped in and used it for vote getting with so-called social programs.

It’s really funny that Mr. Butcher said Republicans are using the word socialism and liberalism to scare people when they have worn out the phrase of racism. Everything and everyone is racist to a Democrat, especially if they lose an election.

Raymond Martin

Mont Belvieu

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Have I “every” been to Canada, N/A? Yes, multiple times in fact. It’s a beautiful country, inhabited by incredibly friendly people who seem to be quite content with their government. FYI, the price of a case of beer in Canada depends on where you buy it. A Google search says $27 in Quebec, and $56 in the Northwest Territories. By the way, things are generally more expensive in Alaska also, caused by transportation issues, not socialism. Interesting that you use the price of beer as a point of contention. My guess is that you consume several cans before you post.

In general, the cost of living in Canada is 4.84 percent lower than in the United States. Rent in Canada is 24 percent lower than in the US. So once again, you are talking out of a rear-facing porthole when you suggest that Canadians are suffering because of socialistic policies.

Your claim that social security is not a socialistic program also qualifies as something emerging from a rear-facing porthole. From the get-go in the 30s, Republicans have argued that social security is socialistic. If the government collects taxes, and then administers a program using those taxes, that is a socialistic program. You don’t continue to own the money you pay in social security taxes. The government owns it and decides on the guidelines for paying out benefits to you. In general, unless you die young you will recoup much more than you put in. In fact, PolitiFact says that on average, a couple receiving an average wage and retiring in 2010 at age 65, can expect to receive $244,000 more in social security and medicare benefits than they paid in taxes. A similar couple retiring in 1980 would have gotten back almost 3 times what they put in. If they had retired in 1960, they would have received more than 8 times what they put in. More inconvenient facts for you.

California has its problems, but so does Texas. I have 2 sisters who live in California and they love it. Their kids love it too, having returned to the state after being educated in schools all over the US (including Texas). California is the most populous state in the union, suggesting that it appeals to a lot of people. High housing costs seem to be a primary cause for some to leave, but I attribute that to supply and demand issues, a core tenet of capitalism. Democrats don’t control supply and demand.

“Free” stuff? We all know that any new programs will have to be paid for with new taxes. Democrats generally believe that a restructuring of the tax code that puts a greater burden on the wealthy can fund some programs like health care. Obviously, many other proposals are “pie-in-the-sky” ideas, and not fiscally reasonable. On the other hand, Trump’s ideas have just made the rich richer, and run up our annual budget deficit to outrageous numbers. Borrowed money is Trump’s idea of “free” money.

Bottom line, once again you have sounded off with an abundance of opinions and a paucity of facts.

Alan H

I understand there are numerous shelter-in-place orders in N/A Raymond Martin's neighborhood due to rear port releases.


LOL, Alan. Perfect.


Hey frankie, yada, yada, yada as usual. Rich Canadians come to the U.S. for medical treatment. The average person mixes tomato juice to make the beer go further because they can't afford it. People were lined up 25 deep to see a doctor at a clinic inside the reception area and another 25 outside. A person in my fishing party got sick and we bribed the receptionist with $100 to let us in a side door and see a doctor. This all took place in Toronto recently. Get a life frankie and get off the computer and get out in the real world and take al with you. What a pathetic life some people lead....


N/A, In your world yada, yada, yada equates to facts that you would like to ignore. Let’s inject some facts (as opposed to your anecdotal evidence) into this discussion.

The World Health Organization ranks the United States’ health care system 37th best on the planet. Are you proud of that N/A? Canada’s system ranks higher, but is nothing to brag about, coming in at number 30.

The Kaiser Health Network published an article, “Canada’s Single-Payer Health Care System – What is True? What is False?” Here are some highlights:

(1) Rumor – Canada’s health care system is universally regarded as an international ideal. Answer: FALSE. Canada’s system ranks above the US, but fares poorly when compared to others, placing 9th out of 11 western systems. (The US was last.) Kaiser’s conclusion was that Canada’s system might not be the best model for universal health care.

(2) Rumor – Canada spends a lot less on health care than the United States but gets a much better deal. Answer: TRUE. “The Canadian Institute for Health Information estimates that in 2017 the country will have spent about 11.5 percent of its gross domestic product on health care. The United States, by contrast, spends about 18 percent. And life expectancy up north is greater, according to the World Health Organization.”

(3) Rumor – Canadians are pouring over the border to get care in the US. Answer: FALSE. “No evidence suggests Canadians are fleeing en masse for treatment in the US. There are certainly circumstances when the Canadian government will transport a patient out of the country for care that is not available - or unavailable in a timely manner - in Canada. When this happens, it is covered by Canadian Medicare.”

(4) Rumor - Canadians often die waiting for health care since the system is plagued by long waits. Answer: FALSE. “Wait times in Canada are typically longer for non-emergency, specialty procedures — think knee surgeries, diagnostic MRIs or cataract surgery. But emergency care is prioritized and usually placed at the front of the line. Research suggests that when Canadians are sick, most experience wait times comparable to those of their American neighbors.”

N/A, I don’t know about your personal experience in Canada, but because of your support of a congenital liar and you constantly repeating those lies, a healthy skepticism is in order. (Bribing an office worker to cut in a line of sick people is surely not something to brag about.)

Instead of criticizing people who do their due diligence, maybe you should spend more time at the computer doing research before spouting off, N/A. Are you just lazy? Wouldn't it be nice to back up your opinions and personal experiences with facts? It could save you some embarrassment. For example - Canadians mix tomato juice with beer to make it go further???? Tomato juice is less expensive than beer? FYI, Canadians mix beer and tomato juice to use as a hangover cure. They call it Red Eye.


Hey no life, I didn't have to goggle anything. I witnessed first hand and talked to Canadian citizens lined up at a government liquor store with their two beer bottles for deposit to buy two more because it's all they could afford and was told they mix it with tomato juice to go further. As usual your response is long boring and inaccurate and I witnessed extremely long lines for free health care first hand. No goggle necessary.....


So you are in line at a liquor store with a couple of likely winos and they are your source for facts about beer drinking in Canada? N/A, You should try stand-up comedy.

By the way, care to explain what was "inaccurate" about Kaiser's research into the Canadian health care system? I bet not.

Sorry for overtaxing your reading comprehension.

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