Just Googled the number of category 5 hurricanes to make landfall in the US as category 5 in last five years and guess what — only Hurricane Michael in 2018 and it was upgraded from a 4 to a 5 after the fact when more data was available. The one before that was Andrew in 1992 — guess you can make Trump responsible for that one too. 

As usual, The Baytown Sun fails in journalism and just keeps on promoting a one-sided left-wing propaganda. Trump is from the northeast and they do not have a concept of hurricanes anyway — not until Hurricane Sandy and then you really heard the whining — they expected everything to be fixed in six months. What in the world does the number of hurricanes during a presidency have to do with anything anyway?

Rosetta Farrar



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What I fear is listening to Trumps Tweets for the next 5 years. LOL I'll take it though.

Alan H

Ms Farrar, your comments are so misguided I don't where to start. First of all, Trump is originally from New York, but has a resort property in Florida where he frequently visits all at taxpayer expense. Obviously, he knows about hurricanes. The problem is that Trump is so deranged that he became fascinated with a potential Cat 5 Dorian because he thought most people had never heard of Cat 5 hurricanes...as if no one in America has a tv. How stupid is that? Ms Farrar, please explain to me why you are defending Trump, a 12,000 times pathological liar, racist, white supremacist scum bag?


No Alan, the real scumbag occupied the White House before President Trump's arrival. Get ready Alan for the IG and Durham report. You don't get many Christmas cards do you?

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