If we think constantly bashing the President of the United States is benefiting us and the people around us ... try it at work with and around your bosses. Never say anything to agree with them and constantly run them down behind their back and see, just see, if your life and those around you prospers?

It won’t and you will be unhappier and folks will avoid you. No one wants to hear it. 

Making America great again has nothing to do with restoring the bad things this country has went through. It’s about placing America ahead and before any other country. Plain and simple. So when you hear folks lie to you and say it is a racist saying, simply walk away from that ignorant and decidedly racist person.

If we are all not working to better the state of affairs for America’s future, we are working against it.

Bert Marshall



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Alan H

Mr Marshall, if a boss lied to and about his employees and customers 11,000 times, the boss would be fired or the business would fold. President Tripe is such a boss. And if you work for and support a racist, liar boss your friends, if you had any to start with, would equate you as being a racist liar and disown you. Accordingly, no one wants to associate with a lying racist Tripe supporter.


I wonder if Bert had the same thoughts when Obama was president? Surely he never had a negative thing to say about Obama, because to now say that others shouldn't be negative about Trump would be hypocritical.


FB: I certainly did write about Obama and you can read my blog. It's all there. I did say I did not vote for the man and that I prayed for his leadership to be best for America. I've said all along I would pose with the man for posterity and a personal copy because he is the President of the United States and I honor the position. I never attacked the man personally, but did point out that his vision for America was not mine. I think you are mistaking me for someone who spews venom and vomit on a regular basis in print like they are the epitome of truth. I simply write my own opinion and I have one vote at the polls. However, my blog is searchable and I haven't edited anything about Obama since it published and you are free to dig through it to find a savory hypocritical morsel if you so please. If I wrote it, I may have changed my mind since then anyway, so feel free to study and educate yourself an anything you feel I have written or said that may or not be considered hypocritical. By the way, I just now read what you wrote because I saw your signature and knew you were once again angry about Trump... or something. When I see your name at the end of a letter, I always skip it, just like the other angry curmudgeons who see everything through a rusty old screen door.


Bert, on behalf of curmudgeons everywhere, I would like to point out that Donald Trump is a special situation. Personally, I liked George W. Bush, even though I had major problems with some of his policies and the people around him (Cheney) who wielded too much influence. I really liked George H.W. Bush and even voted for him twice. Like you, I would have been happy to shake either Bush’s hand and have both as neighbors. I never wrote a single letter to the Sun criticizing either one. However, Trump is different. He is obviously unqualified for the office, inept, impulsive, and uninformed. That’s not just my opinion. In just the last few days people who should know like the British ambassador and even ex-Speaker Paul Ryan have voiced similar evaluations. Trump’s attacks on the press and the judiciary make him a threat to our democracy. His lies are legendary. His moral character is contemptible. His divisiveness is unparalleled. You have made the personal decision to sweep all of his shortcomings under the rug, ignore the danger he presents to our country and pretend to be Pollyanna. Good for you. Me, I have chosen to be a curmudgeon, get my head out of my behind, and speak the truth as I see it. Truth matters, and if my speaking truth offends you, that’s too bad.

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