In reply to Garry Van Trease — it is without a doubt you are infected deeply with Trump Derangement Syndrome with hate spewing out of both ears. As with many left-wing biased members of our media, you like to twist things to your own liking and not follow what has been written.

Only one small sentence was wrote about President Trump yet you evolved it into a mass of an unbelievable tirade. For example, your ignorance of the barbaric infanticide that many states have adopted shows us you are very ill informed. Being a Democrat, you condone this, please search and see what is going on in this country before opening your mouth in ignorance.

But, Mr. Trease seems to be very well informed by the lefts lies and misinformation that has ingrained itself within him. Maybe Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, your party’s new leader, will help in spreading more filth on our nation.

As far as being a Christian, I can tell that you at one time might have been close to being one. Your recent thoughts as you’ve put down on paper tell otherwise.

Nuff’ said. There is a famous Proverb that tells us this but I feel it is just a waste of time and typing to explain it to you. I suggest you contact CNN in order to be one of their star journalists.

William Carlisle



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Ah, Mr. Carlisle, after reading your letter attacking Mr. Van Trease’s opinions, it seems to me that you could use some pointers on how to craft a good retort.

1. You need to support your opinions with provable facts. For example, from a Biblical perspective you disagree with his stance on abortion. It would have been a good idea to prove that Van Trease was wrong about the passage in Numbers regarding God’s instructions to priests on how to prepare an abortion-producing potion. The perfect response would have been for you to reference a version of the Bible where those verses don’t exist.

2. You made a big deal of infanticide, but included no facts. It would have been nice to see references to researched facts on frequency and circumstances. In lieu of facts, you could have touted your extensive medical background to perfectly nail down your point.

3. You have accused both Van Trease and myself as not being Christians. Since the Bible admonishes us to “judge not, lest ye be judged”, you need to explain clearly why that passage does not apply to you. An account of you going to the top of a mountain and receiving, directly from God, tablets ordaining you as a prophet would have been perfect.

4. You seem to be certain that us liberals twist facts. It would be much more impressive if you had examples. I suggest that you take every one of Trump’s 4,500 documented lies, and show that he did not say any of them, proving conclusively that liberals do twist facts.

I hope these ideas help.


Hey Frankie, there are a lot of lies but it doesn't look like it was President Trump. Seems to be a little looking into the Obama's DNC, FBI and DOJ who might have tried to swing an American presidential election their way. Hang on Frankie, more to come......


Raymond, in your infinite wisdom maybe you can explain why Trump is trying to suppress a report that "completely exonerates him". While you are at it, tell us why Trump is going to such extraordinary lengths to keep his tax returns secret. Maybe you can answer just one of the questions I posed to you earlier. Would you have been irate if Obama had refused to release his tax returns? I look forward to your explanations, not deflections.


So you claim those 4500+ lies weren't Trump's. There's your next project, Martin. Go down the list of those 4500 lies and prove that he did not say them. I won't hold my breath.


What report would that be Frankie that Trump is trying to suppress? We saw one of Trump's tax returns. Remember goofy Maddox all giddy about the return she had? As it turned out he had paid millions in taxes. Get a life Frankie, your Trump hatred is going to make you over amp. I would hate to see anything happen to you.....


What report? Really? You are really good at playing(?) dumb. You are also quite good at avoiding questions.

So you call the release of 2 pages of Trump’s 2005 tax returns transparency? What about Trump’s promise in 2016 to release his tax returns? Was that just another lie? A drop in the bucket of 4500 lies? Would you think Obama was hiding something if he refused to make his tax returns public? Come on. I dare you. Answer that question.

For somebody who so intensely hates Obama and Hillary, you have no high ground on the subject of hate.

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