American citizens are blessed to live in this great country. People of differing political persuasions do not have to agree on the best way to govern the country, but I would wish that we could all agree to value truth and personal integrity for ourselves and our leaders. Respecting each other would also benefit our society.

In a recent Letter to the Editor, Mr. Kincaid referred to the recent impeachment hearings being held in the House of Representatives as a perverted debacle. He claimed the Democrats were demonstrating the depth of their hatred of American history, culture, morality. I could not disagree more! Futhermore, I would ask him how he would refer to the years and years of the Benghazi investigations and the years and years of the investigations into Hillary Clinton’s emails. I did not think either of those investigations merited the time or money or passion spent on them. Still, I would not have accused the Republicans running those investigations of hating American history, culture, or morality. 

In this same article, Mr. Kincaid stated that Obama was elected by a largely uneducated populace enticed by “what the country will do for me” with no regard for our country’s future or welfare. I happen to disagree with that statement as well. Many of the Obama voters that I know are highly educated. All of the Obama voters that I know personally are caring, decent, informed, and hard-working citizens. It would be counter-productive for me to call Trump voters “largely uneducated” people enticed by “what the country will do for me.” It would be insulting as well as untrue. 

A good New Year’s resolution would be for all of us to learn to dialogue respectfully with each other even if we disagree with one another. 

Elsa Kleiman



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Here is the current Democratic strategy as best as I can tell.

Everything they claim about everything is indisputable fact. Anyone or any document that claims otherwise is blatantly partisan, a cover-up at the highest level, fake news, or just plain lies. They claim to uphold the Constitution even though they have historically tried to change many portions of it. The recent gun grab in Virginia is just one example.

The Democratic Party invites every fringe group, regardless of extremist affiliation to join their party, forcing non-traditional values down the throats of conservative voters. If a conservative points this out, they are branded as racist, misogynist, anti-immigration, homophobic... and the list is endless in slander.

The Democratic leadership places demands they themselves will not concede, acting as if they are a collective Commander in Chief. They have focused solely on discrediting Trump and his policies, while ignoring their own constituents and the welfare of the nation falsely claiming the opposite. In fact, I can’t think of one major law they’ve passed which benefited me personally.

Speaker Pelosi along with her henchmen do not represent me on any level that I can think of; not one. They represent Hollywood/Los Angeles, New York City, and San Francisco which all have major problems, but what exactly are they doing? Attacking Trump.

This is indeed their only platform and strategy – attack and undermine a duly elected president with smoke screen obstructionist politics.

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