Carol Skewes, as publisher of The Baytown Sun, you should be absolutely ashamed of continuing to publish the filthy garbage like the political cartoon in your Aug. 15 issue. What has gun control to do with race? 

Like all left wing publications, you continue to push an agenda of hate. I guess if Trump said the sun rises in the east, you would make that out to be a racist remark. 

I feel bad that Goose Creek CISD is using your sorry excuse of a newspaper as an educational tool because it is nothing but a propaganda rag. Your journalistic quotient is minus a million. Maybe you ought to just stick to school photos. 

The criminals and gangs have AK-7’s, why shouldn’t law-abiding citizens be able to have them too? If parents or adult relatives allow minors or unstable adults have access to their guns, they need to be prosecuted. 

I have never seen that the uncle of the shooter at Santa Fe High School was ever prosecuted for allowing the shooter to get access to his gun. The president as head of the executive branch, per the Constitution, is supposed to enforce the laws that Congress enacts, so where are the nasty political cartoons of Nancy Pelosi, who is one of the leaders of a Congress that cannot get anything accomplished but push an agenda of hate against Trump?

Rosetta Farrar



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I do truly believe that these same people who rabidly scream for gun control will be the first ones to point you out to the Feds when they do the big gun grab they plan in the future. They will be the ones everyone hates... pretty much like it is now. Verbally abusive to everyone who disagrees with them and socially inept, they will giggle as you are stripped by our government of your ability to defend yourself, gloating over their own self-righteousness.

Yes, the anti-gun folks will not only applaud our government when they take our guns, but these social misfits will be right there to hand out punishment. You will be able to pick them out a crowd by their new government uniform. Every major upheaval in human history has had bad actors of this ilk. They sell their soul to the company and become the very thing they claimed to hate. Socialists won’t be happy until all guns are confiscated and absolute anarchy prevails. I sincerely believe this.


Wow, Bert. That is a really negative post for someone who claims to always be positive. Your paranoia is over the top. Name calling, no facts, just conspiracy theories. To support your argument with facts, why don't you list the countries that ban assault rifles and yet have more mass killings than in the US? Tell us why you need an AR-15. Explain to me why, in the absence of a need for a militia, the 2nd amendment gives you an unfettered right to own weapons. If you opt to ignore the requirement of a need for militias, what "arms" are permitted by the second amendment? Bazookas? grenade launchers? surface to air missiles? Is there a line to be drawn and if so, who draws it? The NRA? What are the odds that you will answer any of these questions? You obviously prefer to wallow in conspiracy theories rather than engage in a fact based discussion.

Alan H

Ms Farrar, (pronounced f-a-r right), I think you owe Carol Skewes an apology. After you come down off your hate bubble, you might realize the cartoon you're upset about was in the Aug 14 edition. Perhaps it's time for you to visit San Jac Regional Eye Center and get your eyes checked. And while you're there, see if you can find a good hospital therapist who will help you come to grips with reality. The cartoon was accurate. Trump is a racist white supremacist who should never have gained access to the White House. Hopefully your new spectacles will help you see Trump's agenda of hate so you don't embarrass yourself by accusing Ms Skewes. Facts seem to upset f-a-r right extremist who can see only one side of a four-sided cartoon.

Alan H

Rabidly screaming, the one everyone hates... Verbally abusive to everyone who disagrees with them and socially inept. Why baytownblert, you've described yourself perfectly.

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